28 June 2008

In Memoriam

Lizzy - May 1994 - 27/06/2008

Lizzy passed away yesterday evening. She is now with her two siblings Justus and Biene and missed very much by not only her two humans, but also her two other siblings Pooka and Silly.

Very sad. There is an empty space where you used to be.


21 June 2008

Happy Midsummer Night!

No outdoor celebration for me - though it seems to stay dry, but I am "on call" and have to be in reach of a PC in case the emergency number gets called. It's my first call out and I still have to get used to carrying this mobile phone with me all the time.
So - the day will be spend knitting a summer shoulderette, listening to audiobooks and cuddling the various cats. It's a straight forward knitting - can't brain at the moment ;-)

The Sidhe are having a party tam is finished and I have started embellishing it. Once it's done I will take pictures and post them.

I have to wind a couple of hanks into balls, but not now...


01 June 2008

Another week has passed

Work: living hell, continued. Not happy. Not with the actual work, but a project that got so horribly wrong it is really not funny at all. To be continued. It ain't over until the fat lady sings - maybe I should start singing in the office tomorrow morning. Something has to give, and soon!

Knitting related: my parcel of yummyness from K1 Yarn arrived yesterday. Happy as a pixie on sugarcookies! The Fyberspate Cutie is the perfect colour for my Astrodome hat, that will be based on the Urchin pattern by Ysolda

The Araucania chunky cotton will be a sweater, actually, it was cast on last night as a project during Dr Who. I only recently got into Dr Who, it's mainly David Tennant who keeps me watching. Though I liked this episode and look forward to the second part next week. Beautiful yarn, wonderful colours - a simple stockinette sweater or top. Sometimes the yarn needs to speak for itself and we just need to listen.

I also started my "to go" project yesterday - a beret based on a little story from two years back.
The yarn, "designer ends" was bought during our holiday in Edinburgh, somewhere in a knitwear shop... I must have that bag here somewhere...
We took two tours and on one of them, on the way to Stirling and the Borders we drove through a lovely heathery landscape. Heather to the right and - wait a second - heather and a balloon to the left! "The Sidhe are having a party" our guide remarked, more to himself than to us. That remark stuck with me and yesterday, after two years with the yarn in my possession I knew what it wants to be! A Sidhe party hat! And that's what I'm working on.
The yarn ends are all of different gauge and colour, I chose a garter stitch to have a bit of the shrubbery roughness of the landscape, there is some glitter, some fuzzy yarn, there will be beads and a kilt pin. Maybe a button. Whatever makes the Sidhe happy. Or the Pixie in me.
It's been knitted while listening to Shooglenifty, Dervish, Kila and Old Blind Dogs.

‘Tis said their forms are tiny, yet
All human ills they can subdue,

Or with a wand or amulet
Can win a maiden’s heart for you;
And many a blessing know to stew

To make to wedlock bright;
Give honour to the dainty crew,
The Pixies are abroad tonight.

More yummy goodness arrived: frog buttons and a ring with books and a cup on and a brooch depicting a girl with black hair, a cat and a ball of yarn. I already have knitting earrings from the same artist.
I love Etsy!
Ordered more yarn from Sassa Lynne.

Can't wait for it to be September. Next to the Saxon in me there must be something celtic and/or viking. Well, the Saxon is viking enough already (at least the tribe my father's family descends from), so I need to identify the celt in me ;-)

Now off to more party hat knitting.
Must not think of tomorrow.