29 July 2012

Spinning: Water Sprite

We have crossed the finish line of the Ravellenic Games (yes, the name was changed. Non-profit organization they call themselves, non-profit they are surely only in name).

Yesterday, before breakfast, I carded this:

110g of water sprite batt

110g full of merino, some silk, Firestar, Angelina and some locks.

Then I spun this:

Water Sprite Yarn

132m of glittery fun.

My first finish!

28 July 2012

Life: A Grand Day Out

We got some free train passes earlier this month. They have limited validity and so we decided to use the first one last weekend.

We stepped into the train and about 45 minutes and one change later we ended up in the wonderful Dutch city of Delft.

I have a soft spot for old places. Not necessarily castles (unless they are early medieval), but villages, cities, places.

Delft has a wonderful old city centre well worth a visit. We had only planned on a nice day out, little did we know that the place was swinging!

One of the first things we stumbled across was this, right outside the train station and the big bicylce parking lot:


Delft is famous for its pottery - Delftware.

The bathroom of the restaurant we had our pancakes (yummmmmm) are a great example of a more contemporary approach ;-)


The complete old city centre was one gigantice flea/antique/curiosity market!

P1130195 P1130202 P1130194 P1130203 P1130223 P1130225

Of course I had to visit the local yarn store, a wonderful place called Knotton Wol
I should have taken a picture and it's a shame I didn't, but they are located right next to a Wines&Whiskies Like a HIS&HERS - the hubby went left and I went right.

Some time later both of us emerged. And I went into the left door, too :-)
Hey, I like a wee dram every now and then and my taste leans more to the peaty and smoky kind. It's a nice place and the folks are really nice and friendly and I got to taste a blend that I also purchased. Who said only single malts are worth it?

I got a little surprise on our way back to the station - we approached the old church and went around it and there they were - hanging from the beams of the stall, all purple...
"My colour!" I thought. "Now, if they are my size...."
They were!

So, here's the loot of the day:


I think Delft influenced my colour choices - my blue period, I'd say :-)

6 balls of Lana Grossa Lampone
5 balls of Lana Grossa Divino
Those two will become a shrug

A total of 4 balls to complete two shawls I'm working on.

9mm DPN for hat-knitting

A pair of purple Doc Martens

A peat monster in a bottle, a Calvados and a Single Malt.

The Catania is also for a sweater I'm working on.

I was wearing one of my latest creations and it got me a compliment from the owner of Knotten Wol:


Currently, I'm working on a shrug for the Ravellenic Games.
I have a carded a wonderful batt for the spinning event I'm looking forward to spin.
There is yarn dyeing.

I have some wonderful patterns lined up for using some of my stash.
I have some new yarn on its way.

I just love my arts and crafts <3

08 July 2012

Life: Even stranger, even more colourful

My Rain Dancer
My Selkie Charmer
My Cloud Chaser
My Storm Weatherer

Here she is - my rather female little Kokopelli, a couple of minutes old.

Dancing in the rain

I think I have to knit myself a matching tunic ;-)

With massive and heartfelt thanks to the wonderful staff and especially Christian at On Edge

01 July 2012

Crochet and spinning

Seriously, what's up with this summer?

It's so bad that I'm actually crocheting scarves.
Trying my hand at broomstick lace:

Witchy Lace

Some spindling:

Sorbet on spindle

A hand-dyed merino-silk roving, one of the first rovings I ever dyed, using Easter Egg colours. I carded it with some Firestar and am currently spinning it on one of my drop spindles.

And some spinning:

Fleece on wheel

A hand-dyed, uncarded fleece is what I'm currently spinning on Joy. Still have a long way to go ;-)

I completely gave up on my cotton summer tops :-(