21 November 2010

If anything is wrong

and disturbing and did I mention wrong it's this:
The United Nations has removed a plea for lesbians, gays and bisexuals not to be executed in a narrow vote.

And that on International Transgender Day of Remembrance, too.

Way to go, murderers!

20 November 2010

Plans for this weekend

On my playlist: Fish (as in "previous singer of Marillion") and possibly some folk.

On my reading list: The Child Thief

On my knitting list: second sleeve of Jacket Deconstructed in Noro Sock Yarn S520 on 5,5mm needles.

On the stove: fresh vegetable soup with brown rice, own recipe.

16 November 2010


I love reading.
Even if this means that according to research I should have problems recognizing faces.
Which I don't.
So maybe I don't read enough ;-)

I can't have enough books in my life.
My reading list is about a mile long already, with
I Shall Wear Midnight right at the top.
But I wait until I get the fan's jacket edition - because my face is on there somewhere as well.

I read through a lot of genres and this is more for me than for you, so skip if you don't want to see my wish list of books

Magick Charm
I love New Orleans and jazz, quirky is one of my middle names and this seems to be a nice "curl up with coffee or tea, cats and blanket" kind of book

Vicious Grace
I read the first two of the series, they are responsible for rekindling my love for jazzy New Orleans and its history. Yes, history. You have to understand the history!

Pale Demon
I love the series! By February I should have tackled some books on my wish list already, so yeah, more Hollows!

Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Viking embroidery
I have saxon and possibly viking blood in me. Yes, we have lots of redheads in the family and I was one of then when I was born. Unfortunately, it faded to a dark ash blonde the older I got. My Dad has a copper red beard and ash blonde hair. My last name is the old low German word for acorn. The Saxon tribe we descend from on my father's side are the Angrivarii
It's not that easy to find pre-Christian details...My favourite time is around the 5th century. The more intriguing pieces in Engand date from the 7th century.
Picky, much? :-) After Charlemagne it gets boring around the continental Saxons.

I haven't done much embroidery in my life, but lately got intrigued. Do I have to tell you that I actually ordered this book?

There is so far only one upcoming movie I plan seeing - The Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera. I have a soft spot for cliche movies...and old-fashioned burlesque, cabaret and theatre. Think the legendary KitKat club as depicted in my all time favourite Cabaret.
Lately, I have been on an 80s brat pack trip. Would you believe I've never seen 16 candles? I just recently caught up on Some kind of wonderful.

I'm easily entertained ;-)

10 November 2010

Even more autumn and the wheel turned

My my, it's been a while again...

It's got really autumn-y here lately.



This was taken on the morning after Samhain and it couldn't have been a better reflection of the time of year in the wheel. A very thin veil indeed.
Perfect day to spend at the dentist...and have an old bridge removed :-(

Luckily I have the new one already and can chew and bite again!

On the knitting side I make progress - if I have the chance to.
I get occasionally blocked by a certain someone...

This is why I don't make progress

But I'm on the first sleeve of the cardigan and the back of the tunica is completely done with me currently at the last part of the front. Then again sleeves.

I participated in my first ever swap on Ravelry. I don't think you would be surprised if it was one organized by the Caffeine Addicts group, wouldn't you?

Ravelry Caffeine Addicts Swap

Aren't the socks just gorgeous? I have stopped knitting socks aeons ago...I can't stand them! On the needles, that is. On the feet it's an entirely different story :-)

What else has happened?
Oh, yes, October saw us having our 10th wedding anniversary. Still happy :-)
We got front row tickets for Cirque Du Soleil on Samhain and thoroughly enjoyed their show Totem. Words cannot describe the open mouth chin-meets-knee cap time we spent watching whirlwinds of acrobats beating the odds of gravity.

Shortly before that a dream turned into a personal nightmare. No further details, but I had to take a brave and frighting decision. Which I did - and it was and still is the best decision I could have taken for my sake. I'm letting this float through me, I have to accept what is coming and so far I'm actually blooming. I have gotten things done that were long overdue and it feels damn good. Needless to say that the hubby is happy as well and enjoys the benefits ;-)

A lot of "out with the old, in with the new". And now the wheel turned :-)

Talking about wheel - I am contemplating getting myself a spinning wheel. Now I just have to find one that is a. suitable for beginners and b. looks decent.
I looked at Louet wheels and I don't find them visually appealing. The Ashford Kiwi looks better, but still "too modern" for my liking. But it would make a good learning wheel.
I don't want to travel with the wheel, I'm a bit old-fashioned when it comes to my crafts. If I want to travel with my spinning I take one of my beloved tolls with me.

And now I'm going to return to my favourite past time - listening to Sherlock Holmes audiobooks and taking advantage of Silly sleeping in the chair, so sleeve, here I come