27 February 2009

Intruiged and amused

Intruiged by this:

<a href="http://skinnywhitechick.bandcamp.com/album/quartered-songs-of-palimpsest">We Are Shangri-La by Skinny White Chick</a>

We raise and raze our city like the strangest house of cards, a ghost-breath mist of snow;
A ghost-breath mist of snow where no snow falls,
For we are Atlantis, and the town of Prester John.
Three weeks apart from never, we dance and do not fall.
We are Shangri-La.

History has dreamed of us. History has dreamed of this.
Those who know the way, many times return.
History has dreamed of us,
building up our city just to watch it burn.
We are Shangri-La.

We carry Goddess-dust upon our skin,
wherever we go, rising with bright feathers
in the Desert.
Blessed by the wind,
we dance, we thrive, we shimmer in the never-was.
We are Shangri-La.
Burn it down.

Relieving saddened sleep and fitful visions, we return.
We raise our city high, we watch our city burn.
We raise our city high to watch it burn.
Burn it down.
We are the mirage for those who dare to come and see.
The burning in our blood will set us free.
We are free.
We are Shangri-La.
We are Shangri-La.

Words and music copyright S. J. Tucker 2007-2009; all rights reserved. Spread it like the pretty plague it is, folks. Dance and enjoy.
from Quartered: Songs of Palimpsest, track released 24 February 2009
Programmed, performed and mixed by S. J. Tucker, Rolling Gypsy Minstrel Ltd. Lead vocal tracked at Eagle Audio, Austin TX--special thanks to Ginger Doss.
All rights reserved

And very amused by the song Alligotor in the House found here on MySpace
"Tango Tricky Pixie Moshpit...."

23 February 2009

What hamster?

Minus 1 wisdom thooth.
Lower left. I came, he saw, it disappeared. All within 45 minutes from the initial call to me leaving the dentist.
Not very talkative.
Enjoying the numbness while it lasts, after that I'm going to be a not very nice person.
I think I have an echo in my mouth.

22 February 2009


We all draw inspiration, conscious or not. Terry Pratchett described being kissed by the muse as being hit by a pumpkin - though sometimes the pumpkin hits the wrong head. Brilliant idea, wrong person.

My creative strength and style derives from people like

Tori Amos. Discovered the year Crucify was first released, so in 1992. This song still holds significance to me. She has put a lot of my life into songs. And she dares to be different. Plus I love the red of her hair! I started dying my tresses red back in the 1980s, with henna, much to the despair of my poor mother and our towels. Henna stains don't go away magically, so who's fault is it that we only had light coloured towels and light coloured towels with reddish-brown henna stains? I later got my own black towel, especially for experiments in hair colour.

I have a faible for strong, independant ladies.

Like Louise Brooks. Her films are rarely shown on TV, yet without her example I'm sure fellow actresses like the great Greta Garbo or the unforgettable Marlene Dietrich (I love her style) wouldn't have received such a following. Louise set a new tone and laid the brickwork for strong leading ladies to follow.
And I still think to this day she is the personification of THE BOB. Not Mrs Beckham.

Janis Joplin. White people have the blues, and can sing them, too. She has been my inspiration since the end of the Eighties, while the majority of the world started working on the hole in the ozone layer (if you have been a follower of the new romantics or the new wave movement you know exactly what I'm talking about ;-)) I tuned in and dropped out. No, I finished school in 1990, but I dropped out of what was social acceptable at the end of the worst and yet somehow best fashion period this planet has ever seen. Flea markets were the perfect place to get blouses, pants, coats...I miss those times. I have great difficulties understanding why a dress suit is the only attire acceptable in an office environment. Since I haven't found that rule book yet I ignore it and break unwritten rules whenever I can.

Queen Elizabeth I, here personified by Cate Blanchett - just because it happens to be one of my favourite movies. But again a strong willed woman, not giving into the demands and expectations of the men around her. And again a red head ;-)
The whole period was an interesting one.

I adore the old bella donna witchy Dicken's style of Stevie Nicks, the torn and tattered style of Amanda Palmer, Grace Slick yesteryear and today, Cyndi Lauper, Ofra Haza....

In case you haven't noticed, I have quite a split personality ;-)

Go for peace and understanding

While sitting here, having my second cup of coffee and reading through some of my favourite blogs (and discovering new ones) I managed to stumble across this at Cloudberry

Your Word is "Peace"

You see life as precious, and you wish everyone was safe, happy, and taken care of.

Social justice, human rights, and peace for all nations are all important to you.

While you can't stop war, you try to be as calm and compassionate as possible in your everyday life.

You promote harmony and cooperation. You're always willing to meet someone a little more than halfway.

It sums up the real me pretty good. Unfortunately, like far too many people I'm often forced to be more competitive and less passionate than I am. I'm not the bold and loud person I appear to be. But if I don't pretend people will just walk all over me and I can't allow that to happen.

Uh, already melancholic before noon, little Pixie?
I'm afraid so.

20 February 2009

Emails won't do

The next time a guy wants to show me his stamp collection I know what to do with it:

Foxglove Accessories recycling of the postal kind.

So, any volunteers, gentlemen?
You see, emails don't do this.

In the meantime I got myself some Fimo and will let my inner Pixie out this weekend and get wild. Colours match my glasses and I want a brooch and a necklace...

19 February 2009

Upwards and outwards

And again a lot has happened! There is one development I'm particularly happy with, but you will have to wait until beginning of March, first I want to make sure everything is signed, sealed and delivered.

Vita - the eagle has landed. I repeat: the eagle has landed ;-)
Or actually, the hedgehog has rolled up on my doorstep and is currently warming up around my neck. I would take a picture, but my running nose, swollen face and puffy eyes might scare people and children away.
Thank you very very much! Would you believe that he was quicker than the ACEOs? Maybe the flying ship and the balloon had tail wind ;-)

Jeni - the yarn arrived yesterday! Yeehaw! Not that I can even knit a straight row of garter stitch at the moment...but I will, soon.

More happy things: one of my favourite artists, the one and only Tori Amos is releasing a new album in spring or summer!
I'm impatiently waiting for Coraline to be released in spring. Here. Because it's not. Yet.
I'm going to Berlin, Germany, in May with dearest husband to celebrate his birthday, our tenth dating anniversary and our 15th "first met" anniversary.
Now I only need an earful of good concerts!

And the poppets did arrive. They were immediately treated to a plate of Bami with both very hot and some sweet and mild sambal. Now they have full tummies and the floor is littered with little black paper hearts ;-)

12 February 2009


Well, I love coffee and knitting.
Or coffee and crochet.
I also like a nice tea, mainly green or herbal with either knitting or crochet.
Spinning is a different story, it's more difficult to take a sip when holding a drop spindle, yarn and roving, while fending of a mesmerized cat :-)

I found, long time ago, that Garnstudio, a Swedish design and wool company offers too many projects for a Pixie heart ;-)

Today I went there again, after a long absence.
And oh heavens and below, have I've been hit with wonderfulness:
A wonderful dreamy pink dress

I would probably make it in a different colour combination - dusty heathery purple, blues and pinks, mainly.
Or in Drops terms: main colour Muskat 04, with 34, 36 and either 29 or 39.

Pixie Feet

There are a lot more designs I would love to make - and this time, I will!
I also have a rather large amount of white cotton thread, inherited from a customer of my Mom (she runs a little shop and her elderly customers tend to give her stuff they can't use anymore, like beads and shells and yarn), and I still try to figure out what to do with it. White is so not my colour, but I could try and dye it with tea or coffee and it's definitely something that needs to become something lacy. But what? Maybe Ravelry knows...

One item on my to-do list is a summer hat. You can't really see it, but with a redbeard as father (his hair is dark ash blonde, his beard was copper red and is now the most wonderful silvery white) and a blackbrownie as mother (with pale skin and greenish eyes) I inherited the sensitive skin. I have a couple of freckles during summer I love to bits and pieces, but I even got sunburnt in Dublin, Ireland and London, UK. I mean - LONDON and DUBLIN - who are absolutely famous for extended periods of sunshine, I'm sure. It took me a whopping 10 minutes in Dublin. Oh well - so I need a summer hat, since sunburn is bad and a sunburnt scalp is double bad.
Needs to be foldable, since it needs to be packed. I have a large floppy straw hat, but that is not a piece that travels well unless it sits on my hat. I have one in mind and a second as inspiration.
Galliano anyone?

09 February 2009


That's what happened tonight, on many levels.
First, I was looking for some paperwork and while searching high and low and dusty I found some old memories, old letters from an ex friend and lover (didn't read them, though, just covered them nicely and stored them away safely. Maybe another day.), a part of a birthday present from many suns and moons ago, made by two of the ladies pictured here:
(I have to take a picture of it, it's still rather lovely - a collection of attributes describing me. Oh, one lady is me, the other two are not),
some newspaper clippings of a performance I participated in (need to rescan the pictures, heavens, hideous scans!):
Photobucket Photobucket

Yep, that would be me, too may moons ago. I perfomed in HAIR shortly before these pictures were taken and had - much to the dismay of my director - cut off my rather long and henna-red hair a couple of weeks before the premiere! Last time I had somewhat longer hair, I grew it into a short bob before shaving it off back in 1994 (rebellious little me). Though lately I really started to miss longer hair...how strange! I think it's the thought and knowledge about all those lovely headbands I could knit and crochet.

Then I rediscovered a tune. How could I forget this lovely piece?

I remember seeing Angelo Branduardi in concert, I still have his autograph from back then in one of my diaries. Impressive musician!

Now I'm covered in old paper smell and dust and rather like it.

08 February 2009

You don't need to be a pirate or sail the seas...

...to find treasures.
We went for a very short walk earlier today - icy rain made us venture back into the warmth of our home sooner than we had hoped and anticipated, but we made up for it by drinking lots of tea, having aforementioned dessert and generally having a nice time.

I tried my hands (both) at felting. When my friend Marja had her web shop opening the other day I bought ten merino fluffies from her, to try and spin them. She has them for felting and the colours are REALLY bright - and I spun four of them into yarn, used the Troll to help me ply them (here, hold this and twist. I go...I'm now in the living room, you go on...) and I knitted the resulting bulky yarn into a square. Next I crocheted a border out of some purple cotton, made a corset closure (you know, take stringe and poke it through holes crisscrossing while you do it. If you know the official word please enlighten me!) and gave the whole thing a long hot bath. I didn't think a shower would do...
It felted! It really did! It's now drying and I want to wear it to the office tomorrow. Something tells me it will be embellished further, but not today.
So - first felt ever! Okay - first intentional felt ever. Managed to felt by accident before, item shrank to miniature size and had to be discarded. Acrylics DO felt. Or do they rather melt?

And then I went looking for treasures.
And then I found treasures.

Veronica Usova's Etsy is a treasure.
I'm particularly fond of

Knitter Her Tail

this lovely hedgehog pendant

I hung out at Ravelry for a while, uploading some pictures and reading some forums while belting out Dresden Dolls songs. Somehow I ended up here: Owl in the darkness
A lovely singer with a wonderful taste and SHE KNITS! The hat she is wearing is just gorgeous!

I'm a lot less grumpy than earlier today, which is a good thing. I showered and smell yummy (today's perfume is Karma by Lush - I wear something different every day. What are your favourite smells? Inspire me!!!) and have a fresh mug of my favourite green tea next to me. See, I'm not only drinking coffee ;-)
I will now knit a couple of rows of my Ishbel and resist temptation.

P.S. Gave up resistance. I agree with the Borg (scary people, really scary people. Are they people? Anyway - scary!) in this case - futile, just futile.
Discovered more treasure! Will gather more and report back with loot in a couple of days, okay?

The head, the heart and ice cream

I made this headband a couple of weeks ago, but only wore it today for the first time.
Will wear it to the office tomorrow and piss more people off. Oh well, what else is new...it's not really getting better, certain relationships are no longer based on trust and honesty. I can't go into details, but things are getting ugly! Maybe once this is over, one way or another I can tell what has been going on, until then it's hints and just basic.


And since it's cold and simply blech outside we created a dessert, just for fun. Idea Pixie, realization Troll:


Now I will continue to crochet and have a nice cup of tea.

Oh, just on a more positive note: after seeing a late night/early morning documentary about the underworld of Berlin, Germany (WOW is all I can say!) we have decided to spend our anniversary in May in Berlin. Hotel is already booked - we had planned a week off for a long time already, but not decided on a location yet. So - back to Berlin. I've been there twice, once with the Wall still intact (I have a piece of it) back in November 1989 and once with my boss and a colleague for a lovely weekend in 1995 I think. I remember a flea market, where I got the most crazy balloon cap, I still have it. Haven't worn it in ages.
I wonder if there is some dark cabaret/Weimarer period entertainment to be found. The Museum Island is a want of both of us, Troll loves Egyptian History and I'm just plain curious. We both love history, so we are in the perfect place. And I can show Troll that Germany is a wonderful place and show him more of it.

05 February 2009

Between the present and a ghost

This sentence is spooking around my head for two days now, I have no idea where it comes from. A piece of lyric? I don't know...

Oh well, the cold is better, though still lingering. Laughing and coughing are currently married to each other - not a pretty pair if you ask me.

I find myself in the rather unique situation of (still) having a job, but nothing to do. The company I work for is in severe financial trouble, has files for Chapter 11 in the US, Europe is doing awful as well and currently there is no end in sight. People will be laid off, but who, where and when is still unknown.
So, instead of being bored to death and back I decided to use some of my vacation days (too many anyway) and just do FUN things.

For example creating a new header for my blog. It's a collection of stuff found around me, a lot of favourites.
My Desk
Fyberspates Juicy being knit into an Ishbel, Sassa Lynnes Serendipity patiently waiting, WildFireFibres stitch markers, my dropspindle with Spindlefrog's batt in progress, a necklace I'm working on, a serial spoon pendant from Yipestoo, gorgous wood buttons from WoodenTreasures, granny squares - another ongoing project, some crocheted lace...I love my artistic chaos and mayhem around me.

Another fun thing was to get my Elvis (new name for the hair don't previously known as mini mo) recut and dyed. Slightly more punk, with a wonderful dark green shimmer. Who said it's not easy being green?

Kinki 05/02/2009Kinki 05/02/2009

More fun was had when we bought two new mugs - one with Dottey the Cow for my husband, one with Curly Sheep for the knitter.
We also bought fair trade and biological coffee to fill the mugs with!

And two knitting magazines: Knitting and Knitter's! I'm especially enchanted by the amount of cute plus size patterns in Knitter's.

What else did I do?
Play games with them cats

Pooka and Silly

And had Poppets landing in my succulents (cacti and succulents are - next to carnivorous plants my favourites. Yes, I'm a total romantic, why?)


Cooked a wonderful meal out of mashed potatoes, some meat and plenty of salad - one of my all time favourites.

Searched in vain for a perfume oil that smells like caramel.
Knitted some rows on my Ishbel.
Crocheted some more granny squares.

Did the dishes. Will do laundry now...