27 March 2011

Rest in peace

My beloved father in law has passed away yesterday.

Dag, lieve Pa :-(

23 March 2011

The wheel of life

We had our first really nice days here, with temperatures that required not to be sewn into fake fur ;-)

I treated my Emma to a morning spin in the sun, with coffee, music, birds, cats and day dreaming.

Open Air spinning

Open Air spinning

I got quite hot in my black dress. But these two hours felt like a mini holiday!
Today it's foggy, so no outside spinning for us.

We also got our first Italian ice cream on Saturday. Mocca and chocolate for him, lemon and blueberries for her :-)

First ice cream

Yesterday was spent in hospital (my father in law is in IC after a bad tumble down a flight of stairs and multiple injuries), buying presents for two friends (it felt a bit strange, birthdays are joyful occasions and we didn't feel particular joyful yesterday) and trying to sort out our heads.

Today is going to be spent partly in hospital again.

Still, live goes on and throws you many curve balls and sometimes all we have are our hands to bat with. Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. I cannot say it often enough, but again I'm more than grateful for my wonderful circle of friends and my family back in Germany to listen to my teary ramblings as well as my emotionless assessment of the situation.

I leave you with a picture of a full moon in our backyard. It was big and bright!

Moon over Flat

18 March 2011

Catching up

Let me start by saying that I'm glad to hear that my former colleagues in Japan seem to be fine. The overall situation is heartbreaking and frightning and to me, all helpers and volunteers are heros.
rofessionals or individuals, may the kindness and dedication you show be repaid endlessly!

Here, live has been not without the occasional challenge. It gets even more of a challenge when the obstacles are within the family - so near and yet out of control. Many lectures in "let it be" and patience are being learnt around here right now.
On many days I'm so upset and "wound tight" that I can't spin. If I can't let go and relax I noticed that I spin for shits and giggles. The roving snaps every couple of yards, my tension is all over the place...

Talking about spinning: I signed up for my first ever spinning camp! With the one and only Pluckyfluff
Before I ventured into spinning the wheel I bought exactly two books:
Intertwined and Spin Control
Inspiration en masse! I might add a third one to my collection, Get Spun
So, to say that I am excited doesn't even cover it!

I'm also on the hunt for easter egg colours and will attempt to dye some roving later this spring. I haven't been able to find them in the shop here (hey, what's up with that?), but my Mom has had more luck and will send them to me. Yay for Moms with an appreciation for crafts! She picked up knitting as well again and receives many of my left over stash pieces :-)

The crafty challenges are going well!
For the 11 scarves in 2011 challenge I have finished my second piece, the third is almost done.
Mustard Custard is the name of the piece and the yarn is divine! A religious experience of the wooly kind - Azlan Trend Royal Alpaca!

Oscilloscope Scarf

The piece you see in the background is actually my finished tunic out of Zitron Atelier Nimbus! Another wonderfully soft yarn that I love to work with. I have about six balls left, which have been claimed by Mommy Dearest already ;-)

For the Ankh-Morpork Guild War's First Round I came up with three pieces:

Mixed Emotions

Yarn is spun out of a batt called Mixed Emotions and since it was around Valentine's Day I knitted this wonderful Faded Love cowl/neck warmer out of it. It has already gotten some wear :-)

The first item I completed was this cotton scarf, a bloody six feet long:

Summer Love

And since I had some time and plenty of Noro sock (seriously, who knits socks out of that stuff? I love the colours, but the yarn is awful!) and some pink sock yarn left I tried myself at brioche knitting. What exactly was I thinking, working this thing on 2,5mm needles?


So, with the first round of the Guild War done I'm working on the second round. Convertible items is the name of the game. Think hats that can be cowls. Shrugs that can be scarves. The latter is a piece I'm currently working on. In CROCHET! GASP! I haven't crocheted in far too long! But I'm almost done and I actually like it! Details when the thing is finished!

We've also started a little knitting circle amongst friends and it's a blast! Lots of chatting, crocheting, knitting and eating! Looking forward to the next one already. It's more fund in a group!

That's it for today! I will grab another coffee and get some crocheting done while I'm at it! Tada!!!