16 January 2012

Knitting: finishing things

Hello middle of January!

We surely have been busy, haven't we?

Lots of yarn dyeing, some spinning and plenty of knitting.
Over at Ravelry, at the Dutch WIP group, we listed our goals for this months. Things we want to achieve - craft-wise and lifestyle-wise.

I've been doing good on the lifestyle! Lots of veggies and salad and regular swimming!

As for crafting...

For me it's finishing the famous WIPs.
And I do have plenty.
So I sat myself down, got some audiobooks (Parasol Protectorate to the rescue!!!) and went to work!


Here is Slate Roots.
Entirely made out of handspun yarn!
The gray is Gotland.
The neckband is a 2-ply and the purple inset is a batt I spun into a single.

All around about 600m.
Still needs some Fimo buttons, but it fits lovely!

Slate Roots

And there's Hold on Tight.
Another cropped cardigan, partly out of commercial yarn and partly out of handspun.

Hold on tight

I started to spin a batt into a single for a Wavy Baktus
That was also on my to-do list.

I also started experimenting with a new (at least to me) dyeing technique. The results are interesting and will be repeated, though slightly adjusted.


Some fleece got dyed:

Dyed Fleece

Spinning fleece

It's only the middle of the month, but it's been a good and busy half so far.
Please, go on like this <3