24 July 2011

Knitting: Pretty Cuffed

Pretty Cuffed Pretty Cuffed


Handspun and partly handdyed yarn
3,5mm dpn
three cute cat buttons

One lovely piece of jewellery

Started working on a winter design - a felted headband. It's still under development and a prototype of an idea, so you have to be patient :-)

23 July 2011

Unbelievable and sad

I wanted to share some new yarns and batts with you today, but....

The drama that unfolded yesterday and is still unfolding today in Oslo today is breaking my heart. I had to step away from the news, I forced myself to, something very unusual and unheard of when it comes to me.

The sadness is endless and the more I hear the more I feel I'm loosing my faith in people.

My heart and soul go out to the good people of Norway and all those slain and left behind.
We will never really understand why....

13 July 2011

Spinning: Camp Pluckyfluff

I think I still pull strange fibres out of everywhere :-)

Two days of intensive spinning, many new techniques, wonderful new acquaintances.
So many spinners, so many different areas of interest. Technical spinners, crazy wild spinners, new spinners, old spinners.

To sum it up in words is difficult. I could tell you that we covered coils, granny stacks, corespun, adding objects into spinning, spinning around an elastic core, spinning clouds around a core, tailspinning, coreless spinning, navajo plying....

One thing I took away from this is that there is no right or wrong way of spinning, just personal and unique ways.

I leave you with many pictures, how about that?

The classroom on the first day, very early:


Crazy Carding:

Camp Pluckyfluff - Crazy Carding

Lexi explaining sandwiches:

Camp Pluckyfluff - Crazy Carding

Her finished batt out of one colour she would never spin with (purple) and filled up with some random drawn colours and her favoured colours:

Camp Pluckyfluff - Crazy Carding

Impression of expression:

Camp Pluckyfluff - Crazy Carding

Wild carding

The classroom table:

Camp Pluckyfluff - Artyarn galore

Camp Pluckyfluff - Artyarn galore

Cloud spinning over a hideous 90s acrylic novelty yarn:

Overspun novely yarn

My brain in the making:

My brain

And done:

Finished brain

Anyone want to interpret that?
Sort of corespun around elastic thread, including:
- locks
- shredded newspaper
- big and small felted blobs
- feathers
- bells
- sari silk
- roving
- Angelina
- Firestar
- Lurex thread
- blue beads

Collection of brains and hearts:

Collection of brains and hearts

If you want to widen your horizon and have the chance - take a class with Pluckyfluff! She is tons of fun and knowledge and helped many of us with our respective wheels, brake bands, tensions....

I carded and spun - though not crazy - a batt last night for a hat. Was a bit strange not to add anything into it, but I applied some crazy batting ideas (like taking a colour I would normally not spin with) and the endresult is nice! But more on that later - I have some bad weather knitting to do today.

10 July 2011

Spinning: all spun out...

..at least for today!

Back from two days of fiberheaven and the calming sound of spinningwheels in motion.
Camp Pluckyfluff was a delight for the senses and I have plenty of pictures to share.

But for now I'm just going to relax, smile every now and then when another little story pops back into my head, see whirling pink and purple locks when I close my eyes and smile some more.

Exhausted, but full, so full of ideas and inspirations.
But that's for later.

For now I leave you with the sound currently filling my ears and head:

01 July 2011

Alphabet Game

A. Age: almost 41
B. Bed size: my half is 90cm. The other half is also 90cm, but is occupied by my husband ;-) Plenty of space, unless two cats invade and somehow manage to take over the entire bed.

C. Chore you hate: Ironing!
D. Day: Friday
E. Essential start to your day: COFFEE

F. Favourite colour: Indigo blue, gray, bright but not hot medium pink, black.
G. Gold or Silver: silver for me.
H. Height: 168 centimeters.
I. Instruments: flute and guitar


J. Job title: fiber artist, formerly SAP consultant.
K. Kids: I don't have any and I don't want any, but I love them.
L. Live: The Netherlands
M. Mum’s name: Eva-Renate
N. Nicknames: Kiki
O. Overnight hospital stays: usually related to minor surgeries, like getting my gal bladder removed.
P. Pet peeve: People who don't even manage the time of the day before dishing all their problems onto your plate. Good morning to you, too!
Q. Quote from a movie: Gerettetetete (Otto Der Film - German movie, you might not know it).
R. Right or left handed: Both
S. Siblings: Sister
T. Time you wake up: Noon if I have my way. I'm a night owl, not a long sleeper ;-)
U. Underwear: Black bra and hipsters
V. Vegetables you dislike: Brussel sprouts!
W. What makes you run late: public transport delays.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: head, teeth, arm, foot, chest
Y. Yummy food you make: Spaghetti with tomato sauce!
Z. Zoo: I'm highly ambivalent about them, but I still go. I love the penguins...