31 December 2011

Life: Good bye 2011

2011 is almost over.

And what a year it was!

We had dark, gloomy storm clouds, heavy downpours and thunder and hail.
We had white puffy clouds, speckled with some gray and lovely sky in between.
We even had no clouds at all and bright skies, sun, moon, stars and meteors!

Allow me to wish all of us nothing but the best for 2012 and let me leave you with this:

Haste ye back, we loue you dearly,
Call again you're welcome here.
May your days be free from sorrow,
And your friends be ever near.

May the paths o'er which you wander,
Be to you a joy each day.
Haste ye back we loue you dearly,
Haste ye back on friendship's way.

19 December 2011

Dyeing: colourful adventures

So, to break up the dark and rainy days we currently have I dyed some rather colourful yarn.
It's not in the shop yet, it still needs to be washed and dried one last time.

This is Bright Meadow

Bright meadow 2

Bright meadow 3

The turqouise completely disappeared.

Bright meadow 4

And this is Blue Velvet:

Blue Velvet 2

Blue Velvet 3

Blue Velvet 4

16 December 2011

Dyeing: Dye-a-long Midwinter (microwave dyeing)

The Dutch Dyers are having a December DAL and this is what I did.
The subject is Midwinter, the colours allowed are green and red and the tool is a microwave.

- sockyarn (wool/nylon)
- SEWO colours green and a mix out of carmine and red
- vinegar
- microwave dish

Soaked the yarn in a mix of water and vinegar in the microwave dish. Left it in there.

DAL Midwinter 3

Mixed the colours with hot water. The cup for green is half-filled, the red one is full.

Pour the mix over the yarn in the water, green in one corner, red in the other.

DAL Midwinter 4

Off into the microwave. 2 minutes on highest setting to start with.
Got it out and mixed the colour-water a bit. The top was well soaking up the dye, the sides and bottom weren't.
Back into the microwave for 2x4 minutes with a 3 minute break.
Water was clear now.

This is how it looks now:

DAL Midwinter 6

Some interesting stuff going on here:

- where did the blue come from? It's not that visible in the picture, but in person there is a blue visible.
- it varies from bright to subtle, the yarn on the surface is a lot brigher/saturated than the yarn at the side or bottom of the dish.

It has to cool down now and then go through a rinse/wash and dry. Which might take days given the weather ;-)

13 December 2011

Life: Lilly in Cakeland

Hi folks,
this is Lilly! I'm taking over from Kerstin today. She has some knitting and dyeing to do. Something about UFO and sleeves and she will knit them now or never.
Let's just leave her alone.

I've got something to tell you!

We went on an adventure!
My first!

First, we took the train to the big city!

Lilly rides the train

Kerstin was going to get a new pair of denims with a gift voucher she had received. Shall I tell you what? For a girl she is extremely un-fussy when it comes to shopping, it's almost scary.

And while she was at it she went to get check out the bookstore (oh, how I love this place! I have to tell her to let me loose in there next time we hit the big city!) and the craft store.

Then we went to a wonderland!

Let's start with the shop window:

My perfect dress

I adore that dress. ADORE IT! I wish it was my size <3 Downstairs, a workshop was going on. Plenty of children making CUPCAKES! How utterly adorable. Well, we climbed upstairs - Wouter had to help me, steps too steep for my little legs. We pulled up some chairs and they even had one in my size: Lift me up!

Kerstin went off to order coffee and cupcakes. She got us O.yes.O.yes.O.R.E.O.oh (for Wouter, Oreos are his favourite cookies) and Singing in the Purple Rain (that is with blackberries inside and topped with Violet flower icing - and it had a little heart on it). I stole that one from her ;-)
It matched my dress!
It melted in my mouth. Seriously, it did! It was sooo yummy!
I will never have any cupcake that wasn't lovingly made by hand. Keep the cellophane, get me the real thing!

It matches my dress!

Then we got Pink Velvet

These were yummy!

and ‘Pick me up’ in a cup.
Oh oh!
I should have known!
With that name!

I fell through the rabbit hole!!!!

Through the rabbit hole...

This is where I came by.
What an amazing place!
I ventured around:

Great decor!
Great decor!

I got out here - because if it matches your hair colour you know it's a sign!

Look, it matches my hair

See, we made it out

We are waiting!!!

But I know how to get back there and I will be! And I will bring friends. And have more cupcakes!
You should, too!
Because it's true what they say: CUPCAKES MAKE YOU HAPPY!

I was bouncy the rest of the day! Who doesn't want that?