17 November 2012

Knitting: Autumn

I love autumn.

The smell of damp leaves.
The taste of fog on my lips.
The rustling of the leaves.
Jumping in leafpiles, in puddles.

The time of year where I can wear my shawls and hats and look forward to combine what I have and make new items.

I wish I could wear autumn colours, but alas, I'm a soft summer, hazy, foggy, cold.
Not warm, rich and vibrant.

I'm currently working on a shawl, harvest-inspired and free:


If you want to join in, you can find the pattern here
And come visit the group, really nice people there!

Junction is finished:

Junction - Shawl

and very funky:

Junction - Shawl

More fall inspired knitting:

Scockness and  Fenberȝe

and some spinning

Trick or treat 2

Yes, I know, I said I'm a soft summer and fall colours are not really for me - but I simply can't resist them!