27 September 2011

Life: I am a fan girl - Doctor Who Experience, London

We went to London for a long weekend, to celebrate my brother-in-law's 50th birthday.

While we were there we took the opportunity to go and see the Doctor Who Experience.
You see, my husband is already a fan of this series since about 500BC - no, seriously, since the early 70s. His favourite Doctor is the Fourth Doctor. You do the math ;-)

I only got in with the Tenth Doctor. I tried the Ninth, but it was not meant to be.
Now, the Tenth Doctor, that was a completely different story. A geek with glasses and a suit, travelling in a box that is bigger on the inside - yes, I could get addicted to that.
The Eleventh Doctor sealed my fate! Serious fan girl stuff! Bow ties are cool!

So, we flew the Tardis, fought off Daleks, got the Doctor out and on his way again. All in between shopping ;-)

So, here are some snapshots:

Scarf Action, part 1:

Doctor Who Experience London

How to dress to impress:

Doctor Who Experience London

Doctor Who Experience London

Doctor Who Experience London

Doctor Who Experience London

Idris - and the details of the make-shift Tardis are amazing! A shaving mirror, a shower head, a cassette tape recorder...

Doctor Who Experience London

More scarf action:

Doctor Who Experience London


Doctor Who Experience London

Doctor Who Experience London

Doctor Who Experience London

Do they really work in offices like this? If yes, why did I always get told off for my desk????

Doctor Who Experience London

Doctor Who Experience London

I leave you with Silence:

Doctor Who Experience London

21 September 2011

Knitting: posting again already?

I know, I know, it was only yesterday I blogged. Posted. Wrote to you.

But a lot can happen in one day and one night.

Knitty released their Deep Fall patterns and I'm in lust.

I think I need to explain...

My knitting has changed over the years. Not only in colours and experience, but also in style. While I started with the usual scarves and then turned to bulky sweaters I used to knit a lot of intarsia and ajour with cables. Or just cables.

It then turned simple. Straight plain sweaters. Nothing wrong with plain sweaters, but it seems now that I didn't want to put the effort into my knitting.
It had to do with me gaining weight and always thinking that I don't want to knit an intricate design because, you know, I was going to loose this weight.
Guess what?
I haven't. And I won't ever go down to the weight I was when I was 18 - and I finally accepted that. I have lost some weight and my lifestyle has turned a lot more healthy, but the weight will remain an issue (medically mainly, the medication I take for my missing liver enzyme makes it difficult to loose weight, if I stop taking the medication I will die in the long run. Guess what is more important to me ;-) But with all the swimming and healthy eating I'm feeling better than I have in years. And not having IT-project related stress helps, too).

And when that happened I started looking into more intricate patterns.

Plus size patterns! Intarsia and cables, oh my!

Friendly Grey, while not that intricate is an instant favourite! I love the colours, I love the texture - done deal!

Ogiku, while not a sweater or cardigan it is a gem! The colours and the style of this beret are just amazing and I'm looking forward to spin and card. I have lots of left over merino tops, so I don't need to dye (much).

Memories in lichen is going to be a winter project for me. Isn't that just gorgeous? I have some Fyberspates Sparkly Lace yarn as well as a purple lace yarn and will dye some sockyarn to go with it. A-line designs suit me and my ample bosom very well, so it's a match made in knitter's heaven.

I'm also working on several patterns I plan to release.
A cowl - the one I sneak peeked in the previous post as well as a shawlette you haven't seen yet.
So, here is a preview:

Whole lotta love!

Whole lotta love - Closeup

Yes, cables :-)
Used one skein of Chasing Clouds sock yarn - this one was a happy dyeing accident that I didn't put into the shop. It came out wonderfully, even if I do say so myself.
But pattern writing is a fiddly thing to do, let me tell you that!
I still have more ideas that I need to knit, write up and share...scarves and shawls mainly, I just love to top up my outfits with something hand-knitted on a daily basis.

And now, my little munchkins, I'm off to crochet. For myself. An existing pattern. In commercial yarn. I know, the mere thought of it. But it's my travel project, because I will be travelling for a couple of days and I need to learn the pattern by heart. And then it's London calling!

20 September 2011

Knitting: a lot of progress, just on different items

Well, it's not news that Christmas is almost around the corner. If it is - HEY, CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Get your knitting on :-) Christmas starts early in this country. From end of August on you can get the typical sweets in the shops. I skip these, thank you all the same, I wait until the weather is more suitable to eat those lovely cookies. You mean the weather is already suitable enough since June? You have a point, but it is still to warm, despite the storms and the rain. But, it's never too early to get your knitting groove on for Christmas. Now, have you discovered these wonderful young men from Norway called Arne and Carlos?

I have! And I have the book! I still would like the house and the chicken, but right now I settle for the kuler :-)
Christmas knitting
Julekuler Anchor

I've also been working on a secret project, a pattern I'm designing:
Sneak Peek

And I've knitted a funny hat for Ankh-Morpork. Actually, it's more Lancre, and a lot more jester than royal. But warm!
King of Lancre

And perfect for an IT guy to wear while making important decisions with huge impacts! There has been spinning going on as well and some teaching, but I'm mainly knitting right now!

Life: not surprising

Ich bin ein


Du bist ein absoluter Kaffee-Feinschmecker. Allerweltskaffee kommt dir nicht in die Tasse. Eigentlich wäre es an der Zeit, endlich mit Deinem Haus- und Hof-Röster Deine eigene Sorte zu kreieren.

Welcher Kaffeetyp bist du?

For the non-German speakers amongst you - it's telling me something I already knew: I'm a connoisseur when it comes to coffee and I should het my own coffee mix created :-) I actually like the idea!

05 September 2011

Life: more presents

Before I sit down in the next couple of days to tell you about my recent adventures in the fiber world I have to show you this: My loot from the Viking Fair at Archeon We were extremely lucky with the weather - having started off here during a thunderstorm and heavy rains, arriving about 90 minutes later still in the rain and once we were on location it stopped. And stayed dry for the rest of the day! We even had our picnic outside, on a bench, surrounded by chicken. FOOD

Bronze Age/Neolithic Weaving:
Prehistoric Loom

Medieval Weaving:
Plant dyed fibers and loom
See those yarns in the back? All plant-dyed...sigh...

Medieval Spinning:
Testing the wheel Wheel

And - my loot:
My loot

A replica of a Viking drop spindle, the whorl is made out of glass! And a pair fo Viking ship earrings, which I'm basically attached to by...the ear ;-) I really love them. Many nice conversations in German, Dutch and English were had with Vikings from all over Europe. Naalbinding is still something I have to try, I guess. Saw some very nice items worn by the ladies and gentlemen :-)