14 March 2012

Dyeing: Rainbow Glitter Yarn

I made this as part of the March Dye-Along on Ravelry for the Dutch Dyers.

I used:
- one hank of Sterlin Silver sock yarn
- vinegar, liquid detergent, wate
- pot
- SEWO colours in green, lemon yellow, red, pink, burgundy, blue, cobalt and purple

I soaked the hank in water, vinegar and a drop of detergent for about an hour.
Squeezed out the access water and placed it in my pot so it would fill out the bottom perfectly.
Poured water over it to barely cover it and added a splash of vinegar.
Turned on the heat on LOW! You want steam, not boil.

Used the tip of a spoon to sprinkle, yes sprinkle the dye powder on the yarn.
Put a lid on and left it alone.
Did some stuff around the house.
Cuddled some cats.
Made a cup of coffee.
After around 15 minutes I came to check on my yarn and to turn the hank over.
Placed the lid and went my merry way for another 15 minutes.

And this is the end-result:

DAL March: rainbow colours

DAL March: rainbow colours

It's going to be a shawlette.
The pattern is going to be written for one of my two best friends and this will be the yarn to test knit it :-)

I will use this technique again, with roving as well as with yarn. I can imagine it could produce the funkiest socks on earth! And for spinning - well, you know me, I like colour and I like adventures.
You have to be able to let go with this technique, which is a good exercise for a control freak like me :-)

I also knitted some, but I show you that later!