31 October 2009

Stepping stones

Since it is the season of harvest, of retrospective...

Birth Right
You draw your strengths from the symbolic 1. Grounded to the earth, the 1 stretches to the heavens. You shine bright with this birthright of leadership, initiative, independence and individuality. You are driven and capable, creative and perceptive. You are decisive.

You can enhance the positive aspects of your birthright by trusting your instincts. Be aware of your negative side: You can be bossy, impatient and intimidating.

Careers that you will excel in allow you to use your motivation and ambition as well as your innovation. Consider opportunities in: design and illustration, writing and speaking, medicine/surgery, self-employment.

Your talent is your knack for self-expression. You can draw on this and express yourself through any creative media (acting, music, dance or writing).

Consider playing to your strength while indulging your playful side. Channel your inner joy toward something innovative and you will attract opportunities for love, romance and business.

Hint: Combine your imagination and creativity with your birthright's ideal career and you will have fun all the way to the top!

Heart's Desire
Your inner person is understanding and generous. You are loyal and have a strong sense of right and wrong. An idealist, you enjoy creating beauty in your surroundings for yourself and others to enjoy.

You love powerfully, deeply and sometimes possessively (something to watch); you demand to be loved as deeply as you can love. You are also optimistic and nurturing in all relationships; you enjoy helping and serving your family and others you care about.

How to be true to yourself: Create a peaceful and loving home environment. Bring elements of nature into your decor to make it more serene. Invite others into your world to enjoy it with you.

People perceive you as an absentminded-professor type. When they first meet you, they are drawn to your wisdom and ability to share knowledge. You radiate intelligence but a little disorganization as well. Your preference is comfy clothing; you're probably not concerned with the latest fashion trends. That's OK: Choose fabrics that feel good on you - just be sure they flatter your figure too. You can look stylish on your own terms.

Summer's End - Oidhche Shamhna

The end of the lighter half of the year.
The beginning of the darker half.
My favourite day in my favourite season.
I love the fog, the moisture in the air, the smell of wet leaves decomposing and becoming one with the earth that nourished the tree they fell from. Beginning and endings, indeed.

The ghosts are gathering.

The ghost are gathering

I'm sure many alters will be build and dedicated tonight.
I don't have one, I don't need one. I have this:

My favourite dresser

It's been an interesting day so far, in an introvert way.
I noticed change in me the last couple of weeks, a more relaxed state of mind.

My tarot reading for today, as well as my rune reading both tell me the same: I walk the path of self-healing, I have the power in me to make changes if I'm only willing to listen and ingnite that power and open myself up. Everything suggests happiness if I dare to let go of my security blanket.

There is only one thing I'm aware of, consciously aware of, that I would love to change: my job. Not the job itself, but the majority of people around me, making life miserable and a daily struggle. Being forced to make other people's false promised reality. Making things happen on the whim. While I still find satisfaction in dealing with my customers, their managers' brainless decisions and thoughtless reactions make me cringe and lament. I feel that I could develop myself further, just not with them. Too many against too little.

I have toyed with the idea of going, leaving this all behind me. With no idea of what next. Finances don't allow this, not in the current climate.
But this will change eventually. I might need a little more patience.
I have that patience.

I follow the trail.

Follow the trail

We won't be going out tonight, there is no Halloween Trick or Treating here, so I'm looking forward to a nice and quiet night with the husband and the cats. We have a DVD we'd like to watch, I have some knitting to do and we both still fight a seasonal cold. Candles will be lit, tea will be drunken, spicy chicken will be eaten and stories will be told.
Ghosts are welcome.

25 October 2009


Your rainbow is shaded black and blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate mystery. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines. You may meet people who are afraid of you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.