19 July 2009

Must not forget

It was an interesting week. And I won't mention work, though it had an impact on something that happened yesterday ;-)

12 July 2009

Always too busy and working on beautiful

I'm looking forward to crawl into this tonight:


We've been de-cluttering a lot lately and this place is shaping up nicely. A trip to Ikea got us some wire baskets for our rather small closet - it's only 2 meters wide, though rather high. We share it with the two of us and keeping it tidy is more than challenging.

I also found this treasure somewhere between books. It's a picture of a picture, the original paper picture was taken in 1992 and is a double exposure. I remember that there must be more from that particular day...hm, must go treasure hunting.

Old me

Wild hair, already back then. Was an attempt to grow a short cut out, didn't last long.

Became this a couple of weeks later. Me in university.

Old me

Hennaed my hair and got yet another wisdom tooth removed. Three down, one to go. Still hurts.

Spun some more yarn and picked up knitting again.
Next week is going to be long and difficult and I can't wait for Castlefest in three weeks and leaving for the Fringe in four weeks. Tickets to Amanda Palmer and Shooglenifty arrived yesterday, tickets to Neil Gaiman are waiting for us in Edinburgh and we have two stop-overs in London. Coventgarden and B never too busy to be beautiful, I'm coming!

Now just to not loose mind until then...