23 February 2014

RaveOly - Ravellenics

See, I do knit other garments, not only shawls ;-)

Confetti Cloud - done

Pattern: Snowcloud
Yarn: Undyed yarn from Bart & Francis, dyed by yours truly.
Needles: 5mm circular
Mods: sleeves shortened so they reach to my elbow. Started decrease after row23
Inncreases are yarn-overs, knitted “twisted” on the return row. Leaves no holes and I don’t have to think too much.

Fits like a glove and looks really good with denim :-)

12 February 2014

Valentine Spinning: Strawberry Chocolate

Participated in a little spinning challenge over at Ravelry.
2 oz of chocolate strawberries inspired art yarn.
Will be knitted up into a shawl together with the two other yarns in the picture.
The natural white one is a mystery fibre I got along with the Viking replica spindle, the brown is Manx Loaghtan and the spindle comes from SpinCityUk over at Etsy.

Hap-style shawl, I think.

09 February 2014

Feeling soft today

So I made this.
And I really should be knitting and not perusing Etsy :-)

08 February 2014

Chasing Clouds at work


Ballee is creating a pattern collection for the wee ones, little hats knitted or crocheted out of yarn dyed by Dutch indie dyers.

I'm delighted to share Lasse with you.
The blue and the gray are made out of yarn I dyed and I love how they worked up.

Wouldn't the hats be a lovely project for the Ravellenic games that started yesterday?
I have cast on
Snow Cloud

I had started several projects with this yarn and neve quite liked the outcome.
Seed stitch seems to do the trick and I love the way it looks. Excuse the crappy picture, it's raining cats and dogs outside and my little office has bad lighting. I assure you, the finished product is going to look a lot better :-)

Back to the needles!