26 July 2008

Ravelry - warming up phase

I still don't - and never will - agree with the way the Chinese officials are handling matters in China (the Tibet question as only one example) and chances are high that I will boycott the games by not watching, but that doesn't stop me of participating in the Ravelympics over at Ravelry.
I chose to support the Scottish team as a local team wasn't identifiable and will participate in the Scarfstroke.
There were certain qualifications for selecting a project - being challenging, having the yarn available (destash, darling, destash) and the project itself being movable (knitting in public!).
During the games I have to work full time, back up a colleague, have a week of on call duty and a weekend I have to work as well.
My project for Scarfstroke will be the Shetland Shimmer Scarf, knitted in Schachenmayr Regia Bamboo Colour 1065. The only thing I ordered were my first ever stitch markers that are not paper clips ;-) As soon as they arrive the team will get ready for the fun.

Summer is still here, and so is the stomach flu. Therefore I'm confined to the insides, with audiobooks and knitting, but the windows are wide open and there is a nice breeze floating through the rooms.

25 July 2008

The Sidhe are having a party

Finally with pictures!
Summer is here - and as usual I greet it with a stomach flu! I've done this ever since I was born (ask my Mom...) and this year seems no different.
Anything with a strong taste will turn me upside down, rice and water work. I just have to stick around and don't move too far away from a certain room in this house ;-)

Still planning to see The Dark Knight on Sunday!

21 July 2008

Feeling Shakespearian tonight

Autumn in July.
Windy, very wet and grey.
If summer is like this I really wonder what autumn in Scotland is going to be like. I wish I was there already.

I'd love some better weather for the 2nd of August. Castlefest! Omnia! Irfan! Valravn! Poi! Wickerman! Oh well, otherwise it's going to be a sacrifice to Manannán mac Lir rather than to Lugh.

Work was...interesting...to say the least. A couple of interesting comments, arrogance galore. I'm too tired to say anything, but when I say something it's fierce. That is so not me. If I say something I don't take prisoners, I shoot immediately.
And I'm tired to do other people's thinking.

Relaxing with lots of Celtic Folk. Haven't knitted a stitch today, but read a couple of pages. Cuddled the cats. Fed the husband and me.
Contemplating taking over the universe. Yep, that sounds like a plan.

20 July 2008

Knitting and hair

Kilcarra Aran Tweed meets royalty. Mix it with a funky purple sweater and wild glasses and voila. It's very warm ;-)
I bought this yarn ages ago at a wool shop in Bray, Ireland.
Since then it has been pretty much sitting there, part were knitted into my Celtic Ensemble.
And then inspiration hit: Tudora! The pattern was written for this yarn, it’s easy to follow and it took a couple of hours to knit this ruff.
I skipped the button band (for the time being) and consider closing it with a brooch, making it more Elizabethan.

It's getting a matching hat - Just Like A Peasant Cap, made out of the same yarn. Ireland meets England and both are having a nice cup of tea. Will take both with me to Scotland later this year. We don't have much of a summer yet (very wet) and if autumn is anything like this summer it might get a little chilly and a little more wet.

Oh - and new hair! Thanks Kinki, it was again a wonderful and relaxing experience. Melissa wielded shears and clipper and a lovely lady, who's name I don't know is responsible for this wonderful colour and an interesting conversation! I feel human again!

10 July 2008

Travelling in my mind

I still find it hard to relax, my mind wonders into the office far too often for my liking.
Music is a good distraction, or listening to the audiobook of Eragon, working on my deskproject. I'm almost through the first hank of Sassa Lynne's cotton (pink is the main colour) and wound the second hank (a sun colour) into a ball. I will be travelling tomorrow and won't be back before Sunday, my travel project is the black and pink sweater that's accompanying me everywhere (hey, I knit in public and in public transport).
Journal and book are packed, the fountain pens filled, water bottle and some nuts packed. The suitcase will be packed later tonight, we don't need much, but we bring lots of presents :-) Looking forward to see the sister and her husband, my parents are coming as well on Saturday and we all leave on Sunday.
The weather is rainy with dry intervals and I hope it gets better. Dixieland awaits on Saturday evening. And Polkaholixs tomorrow evening!

I couldn't be more happy with my latest loot! The make-up is just gorgeous. And that from a person who - until maybe a year or two ago - wouldn't touch that stuff! I don't' wear much, just flamboyant colours ;-)

And the antiquated cuff is a piece of art! Bonzie, I seriously love you!

09 July 2008

J'adore la vie!

Today has been a good day!
1.) I'm off for a couple of days
2.) I finally got my prescription sunglasses and I still love the frame. Theo loves me!
3.) I got lots of booty! The mail man left a lot for me, almost like Christmas and birthday...

Let's see, what do we have...
Loop-d-loop pattern book
B never too busy to be beautiful, still wrapped securely
Bonzie in a bag ;-)

Silly cat inspecting the contents of Bonzie's bag - a wonderful cuff in an equally wonderful bag. I love Bonzie!

The complete loot!
Two eye shadows (Blur Pressed Eyeshadow and Busker), two lipcolours (Borscht Lip Cream and Blast Lip Cream), Burlesque Face Powder and Breath of God Atomiser from B never too busy to be beautiful. And two samples! They were wrapped like little chocolates and it was a pleasure unwrapping them.
The pattern book. I haven't even looked into it yet ;-)
Bonzie's Antiquate French Kiss Cuff. I wore it briefly already and I LOVE IT. And if I wouldn't have to prepare supper I would parade a little longer with my hand extended ;-)

06 July 2008

I is in your Etsy...

...raiding your shop :-)
I started on the Sassa Lynne neckpiece I've been collecting yarn for. It's going to be quite an undertaking on 2.5mm needles, but the pattern is simple and the yarn a dream to knit with. Since summer isn't quite happening I decided to not wait for Edinburgh, but to get going. A large, colourful and triangular scarf for my romantic hippie neck.

And so I went to her shop and raided it some more.
I'm really looking forward to rose raspberry colour combination! It won't be part of the scarf, but become its own design.

Then I went on and got me some solid perfume. A girl can never have too much perfume and I mainly use oils and solid perfumes. Three exceptions - Karma, Breath of God and JPG Classique. Other than this my bathroom is full of little vials and pots.
YouStinkSoap offers Kismet, a blend of amber, patchouli, citrus, woods and a hint of lavender seems to be right up my alley, Stormy Nights is the daylight version for me. Blend of hyacinth and heather with a hint of lilac and rain. Sound almost Scottish to me.

Another serious favourite on Etsy is The Midsummer Muse
I love Londonberry and her Charity Cats, especially the French one.

And then I discovered a piece by an artist I've been admiring for a while! Bonzie is amazing and I fell in love with her Antiquate French Kiss Cuff. And now it is mine :-)

I also bought a present for the husband and lots of handmade soap.

Yes, I love Etsy and I love small artists! I have only the best experience with all of them and get to wear unique art. The compliments I receive should go to them!

And now it's shower time and then cuddle up with the husband and whoever wants to join!

05 July 2008

Journey's End

I don't think I ever cried during a season's final.
But I managed just to do that just now, watching Doctor Who.
I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry.

01 July 2008



I totally forgot about it, but today is my 5th anniversary at the company I'm working at.
Unfortunately my manager didn't forget and I was presented with a bouquet this morning in front of the complete department.
While I appreciate the gesture I could have done without the official announcement. Worst time ever to pick. I'm fighting against a damned burnout and all that comes with it, the months of insomnia, the stomach ache, the headache, the frustration, the anger, the tears and did I mention frustration?

Thanks for the flowers - but it doesn't make the situation any better.
I never thought I would feel so bitter about one rather nice and lovely smelling bouquet of flowers. And it's not the fault of the flowers, so I took them home, suppressing the urge to toss them.