17 April 2011

It just doesn't stop

At least that's what it seems.
We have another death in the family - the mother of my sister in law died suddenly and unexpected and we are yet again preparing for a funeral and all that comes with it.
2011 hasn't been kind to us so far.

It's getting a challenge not to sink into grief and just not get out of bed on some days. Trying to find distractions, for myself, for my husband, for us. We grab every opportunity to get out and enjoy the spring and its colours, it certainly helps.

I get flowers, because...they were just my colour:


I got myself a drum carder and started to put it to crazy use:

Ashford Wild Drum Carder

Preparing the sandwich:

Contains of
- undyed BFL
- undyed BFL/Tussah
- Angelina
- Cotswold Locks in purple
- commercial magenta Merino
- commercial mixed Merino (pink, dark pink and light pink)

Preparing the sandwich

Second round on the carder:

Second round of carding


Fresh of the carder

My husband carded the second batt after I prepared the sandwich for him! He was amazed how much coordination and strength it actually needs and that it's not straight forward. He did an excellent job and I'm looking forward to spin our batts <3

The third batt, contains:
- undyed BFL
- silk threads

Batt 3


Single ply on the wheel

I also finished a merino top I still had on the wheel.

On the wheel

Bobbin with single merino in a wonderful blue. In total more than 300m.
Will be set and knitted with some commercial wool I still have around - two balls of Mini Mochi in blue and lots of dark blue from another producer of commercial yarn. I think it's Lang, but I would have to dig into the shelf to actually confirm that. Plan it to knit it into a cardigan.

I have daily visitors:

Daily Visitors

There is some left over seeds from winter in that flower pot and that way they leave my spinach, wild flowers, carrots, peppers, zucchini and radish alone ;-)
It's a hoot to watch my two feline monsters when my feathered friends drop by! Better than TV. Silly and Pooka are allowed to watch from the inside and they are not happy about that. Especially Pooka gets very verbal about it.

Here they are, taking shelter from sun and warmth underneath my drying laundry. Where else ;-)

Silly and Pooka

Both are rescues - we only take rescues and not necessarily kittens into our household. Lissy (long gone, never forgotten) was a kitten when I got her, Pooka as well. Justus and Biene (both in cat heaven) where adults, Biene also a sick one. She was so beaten and abused she was scared to cuddle. She would come up and snuggle up, but when you just moved the little toe she would be gone like lightening. Until I met my husband! She was his twin, his shadow! We were happy that the last years were happy and full of love for her! She was a guessed 17 when she passed away from liver disease. She also played Mommy to Pooka when she came to this household, not bigger than a rat and with similar features (long snout, skinny tail).

Silly is just that - a goofball, cuddly, playful and fun. Has a thing for plastic, cardboard, sandals and make up brushes. Don't ask ;-)
Pooka lives up to her name - little tomboy, rough on the outside and sweet and cuddly when she wants to. Doesn't like hights. Belly wuffles will accepted at any time ;-)

I wouldn't want to have it any other way <3

05 April 2011

Easter egg colour

I needed something fun to do.
Today is rainy and windy and spring is nowhere to be found. So I decided I go and dye roving! With easter egg colours!

I loved it and I'm pretty happy with the results.

I had three different kind of rovings - BFL, BFL/Tussah and Merino/Tencel. All about 100mg, so a total of 300mg
I had five colours: yellow, orange, red, blue, green
I mixed two additional ones: a blue-green and a purple.

I followed the process described here

Soaking in water and vinegar:

Soaking in water and vinegar

Preparing the dyes and workspace:

Preparation of workspace

Preparation of workspace

I started with the BFL/Tussah mix:

First round of dyeing

After I dyed all three rovings I steamed the living daylights out of them, in total for about an hour.


After a cool down period (which I spent answering the postmen twice, once for my neighbours, once for me, preparing and eating some food and setting up a date with a friend) I unpacked the parcel in the sink. It's already interesting to see how the different rovings took the colours! The BFL is vibrant while the Merino/Tencel is seriously muted. It's difficult to pick a favourite!


And hanging in the shower to drip dry!

Hanging to dry

I had no colour bleeding at all.
The next time I will wear gloves, though. My fingernails have a rather interesting hue ;-)

And now I go and unpack my parcel from Fyberspates!
I ordered myself a lucky dip and Sparkle Lace merino, silk and sparkle in "water colour"