10 February 2011

What have I been up to?

It's been a while again.
This year so far has been a roller coaster ride - and for those who know me over coffee and knitting know that I absolutely despise roller coasters.

My father in law has been struck by a TIA and while neurologically he is fine the blindness he got makes the whole experience traumatic.
The blindness is unrelated and was already present when the TIA hit him, and it's the blindness that causes the biggest issues. He has only a bit of light/dark vision left in his left eye and about 1/3 of a very blurry picture in his left.
He suffers from something called Macula Degeneration - my husband has it as well, though he got it at a younger age. Both suffered from the dry version - and my father in law now has the wet version of it.

The whole streak of events has cracked the family surface apart and there are some power struggles going on. Not fun to observe and be part of, but as my husband said to the particular nasty family member:" If you want to get to Pa you have to go past Kiki."
I don't take it very well when someone plays leech and tries to manipulate others for his own benefit.

The positive thing about this is that I'm now a whole more knowledgable about MD, low vision research and available tools.
Unfortunately - there is no cure.

As if that wasn't enough my little sister suffered a nervous breakdown. I won't go into the reasons why, they are hers to discuss, but it's bad. The anxiety attacks get less, though she is still unable to leave the house. She refuses therapy - I'm okay with her refusing medication (not that she was offered any, which I already like about her doctor), but I still would suggest therapy. Because the next time will be worse - and there will be a next time, that I can be sure of. I know her too well :-)

In between all this and then some (the daily stuff like broken toilet reservoirs, clogged up sinks, hairballs - you know the drill) I try to get some spinning and knitting done.
Did I mention that I joined a Guild War on Ravelry (Ankh Morpork, representing the Guild of Ecdysiasts, Nautchers, Cancanieres and Exponents of Exotic Dance)?
Not that I needed more challenges ;-)
And the first challenge is indeed a challenge. Well, the second challenge (see, we got offered two) was out of the question: under now circumstances that can be avoided somehow am I going to knit socks! The circumstances have to be extremely dire before I pick up pattern, yarn and needles for footwear. And yes, I'm writing this blog while wiggling my naked toes to the sound of music. So, there you have it.
With not much choice left I jumped into the first challenge (and I quote:

"Challenge 1 - winter accessory

On Roundworld, February is the month when Valentine’s day is celebrated. Some of this lovey-dovey stuff must be seeping over into Discworld because the post office is being inundated with deliveries of a certain romantical nature. In fact, they’re so busy Moist has had to hire 4 extra golems, making sure that Spike is currently treating him in a much more romantical way too.

Your challenge is to knit or crochet an accessory with a valentine theme - hearts, flowers, kisses & all that soppy stuff."(sic))

Okay folks, just to settle the score - I don't do Valentine. Never have, never will!
I also don't do Mother's Day. Or Father's Day. I try to avoid birthdays, especially my own. I give presents whenever I feel like it.

But okay, it isn't called a challenge for nothing and so I went along and casted on a scarf. It's Knitty's Fall 2004 Heart Scarf
In pink. But of course!

I will follow this up with another neck warmer, out of my own wheel-spun yarn and a pattern with the not so apt name of Faded Love

Because - we never give a day to those whose hearts we broke! I got my heart broken good a few times - and these times I remember, but don't we forget the ones that we did the breaking to? I think we do! In my case, there also have been a few, but two in particular I broke bad. And one that I also stomped on. And for that person, who I respect dearly and wish we would have remained friends: this is for you! I post pictures when done!

Not to leave my readers with letters only: this is also what I have been up to!

Woolen Crown

100m thread plied Cotsdale wool, Angelina. I only spun half the batt to see what it would turn into.
Everybody always presents hanks and skeins, so I thought I do something different ;-)

On the wheel

Plying some art yarn out of merino roving spun thick'n'thin and turquoise sewing thread, practising coils.
Not as easy as it looks, but coils are fun! This one is currently drying before I will wind it. Cowl or hat, me thinks.

Oh - and as for my New Year Resolutions - the bike is doing good and is being rode! Now...where did I leave my stamina???
The little cupboard for the kitchen is finished and needs to be attached to the wall. For that I need to learn how to operate the drilling equipment. And where the electricity wires run ;-)
Healthy eating is also going a lot better.
And so far no new clothing item for the upper body procured.
Hair is absolutely still short.

I think I'm doing good <3