14 May 2009


...dating my husband for 10 years
...off to spend a week with him away from here

The last couple of days my husband surprised me with presents. For our 10th dating anniversary. Since we are going to spend the day (and the rest of the week) away from here I got two presents a day. The last two are for tomorrow, Saturday we take off.

I got a knitting magazine, a bracelet, a coffee tub - eh, mug, peppermint seeds for growing my own tea, a kitty doorstopper, a photo holder for my desk in the office - and these:

The devil in me

I turned this adorable little devil into a necklace this morning, added the buttons to my shirt and wore the bracelet.

I really love my husband! I do - and he knows :-)
And hell - do I embrace my dark side ;-)

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