23 March 2011

The wheel of life

We had our first really nice days here, with temperatures that required not to be sewn into fake fur ;-)

I treated my Emma to a morning spin in the sun, with coffee, music, birds, cats and day dreaming.

Open Air spinning

Open Air spinning

I got quite hot in my black dress. But these two hours felt like a mini holiday!
Today it's foggy, so no outside spinning for us.

We also got our first Italian ice cream on Saturday. Mocca and chocolate for him, lemon and blueberries for her :-)

First ice cream

Yesterday was spent in hospital (my father in law is in IC after a bad tumble down a flight of stairs and multiple injuries), buying presents for two friends (it felt a bit strange, birthdays are joyful occasions and we didn't feel particular joyful yesterday) and trying to sort out our heads.

Today is going to be spent partly in hospital again.

Still, live goes on and throws you many curve balls and sometimes all we have are our hands to bat with. Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. I cannot say it often enough, but again I'm more than grateful for my wonderful circle of friends and my family back in Germany to listen to my teary ramblings as well as my emotionless assessment of the situation.

I leave you with a picture of a full moon in our backyard. It was big and bright!

Moon over Flat

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