13 May 2012

Life: The wheel keeps on turning.

Hello, out there!

I'm still here, yes!
And I'm doing very good and hope the same of you!

I haven't been around much, that's what you get when you work full-time, are married and have a household on the side. It took a bit to get used to the daily grind again, but we are now in a pattern that works nicely for us.

So, what happened?

Pooka Cat

Well, the sad news first: my little rascal Pooka died. She wasn't that old, but became very ill to the point that we had to put her down. I was her human and I still miss her very much. She would tap my arm when it was time to wake up (her schedule, not necessarily mine) and I sometimes still expect her paw on my arm in the mornings.

Some yarn was dyed:

IMG_1593 Confetti (5)
Pixies Den (2) Peppermint Patty (2)

With Confetti and Pixies Den I tried out a different technique and I have to admit, I like it.
It involves less water, more steam and sprinkling.
I haven't made any for myself yet, but that will happen!

Some hearts were decorated:


Two little brooches - crocheted flowers, buttons, beads and prefelted hearts I had around for a while. One rainy Sunday and - voila, two new brooches.

Spring has been wet. Very wet. So whenever the weather was better we were out and about.

On Queensday we headed to the beach. It's not the most beautiful beach in the world, but it's about 10 miles away and makes for a nice day out. The entrance to the port is there and you can see the big cargo vessels come and go, as well as surfers, kites, sailing boats...
We had hoped to feed some seagulls, but alas - none to be found.

And the water was COLD!
Really COLD!

P1120386 P1120387

P1120388 P1120393 P1120410

What else did I do?

Oh, yes - I went to the National Knitting Days with my friend Shaby!

It was great meeting many old friends and make some new friends.
We both were on a budget, but honestly - I didn't find it difficult or hard to stick to it. I had done some preparation and looked online at stuff I might wanted to get and I came back home with loot and money to spare ;-)


1kg of German Blackface
4 small packs of locks for felting
1 Malabrigo
4 Drops Delight for a shrug
2 Lang Mille Colori for a shawl

I'm currently knitting the shrug out of the Drops Delight and love it! Great colours, soft yarn - I'm in love.

Next on my list is
Bigger on the inside
in some of my hand dyed yarn. I will only use one skein and shorten the border a bit. I might also knit the Vortex in a Doctor 10-inspired yarn (brown and blue) and the Tardis border in blue...
Or maybe the Vortex in Pale Skies and then...

What do you think?

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