02 June 2012

Events and Knitting: Ravelympics

Are you participating?

Every now and then I add some more madness to my already eventful life.
Like the Ravelympics!

It's a virtual event held over at Ravelry, one of my favourite virtual hangouts ;-)

I'm already (again, still) participating in the ongoing Guild Challenge in the Ankh-Morpork group and have decided to join the local team.

There are several events I'm going to participate in:
- the Cowl Jump
- the hand-dye high dive
- the handspun heptathlon
- the hat dash
- the shawl sailing
- the single skein sprint

One of the fun things is the preparation!
Lots of picking yarn and patterns, checking the needles, oiling the wheel.
And the shop will benefit, too :-)

I think it's going to be fun :-)

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