08 December 2012

Knitting on the road

It has become winter here.
Yesterday, we had our first snow and our first snow storm of the year.
Today, temperatures are well below freezing and the sun is shining brightly.

The perfect weather for a good soup, a good book, a hot beverage, some spinning and knitting.

My goal for this weekend is to finish my version of this pattern

A wonderful free pattern, perfect to use up odds and ends, or in my case a single ball of mohair and that hand dyed uncarded fleece I was spinning some time ago.

Some yarn for the shop might be dyed.
Some batt might be spun into a nice single for a Danish tie shawl.

Two weeks ago I went on a little knitting day out. Actually, it was a gigantic birthday party. We all celebrated out birthdays, at once, with lots of food, fun and yarn:




It was a great day, exactly what the doctor ordered.
Full of inspiration, good talks, laughter and even some cat cuddling. What more could you want?

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