30 March 2014

Knitting: shawls and scarves, oh my

If you didn't know me by now this would be a bit of a surprise: my favourite items to knit are shawls and scarves.
My dear Mom started to comment on this a while ago after asking what I was knitting this time. "What are you going to do with all of them?

Well - I wear them. Daily. Sometimes a scarf and a shawl, most of the times one or the other.

I'm always looking for lovely patterns. I'm not a lace kind of girl, not frilly or too ruffly.
More of a tomboy.

So, currently I'm working on these and have my eyes on the next ones already:

 Lanja Sámsdóttir's Rummy
Lanja Sámsdóttir's Rummy
is currently on my needles, in Holst, incorporating some handspun I still had around.

I love how simplistic the pattern is. Oh, and it's free!

On the other needles is

 Ambah's Migee
Ambah's Migee

I modified the pattern and went stash-diving. I will have to return to it in a minute, it's so lovely!

Next up will be:

Lifelines, a free pattern. Stripes, I simply cannot resist them. I might combine a handspun single with a Wunderkleckse for this one. It's another free pattern and I have enough odds and endds to make a whole wardrobe out of this pattern.

But don't worry, I have a summer sweater and a winter cape on the needles as well!

Now back to knitting, someone stole an hour from me and I have to make up for it :-)

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