02 August 2009

Castlefest 2009 - aftermath

Dusty and bloody fantastic!
I find myself more and more drawn towards anything medieaval, celtic, nordic, scottish and so we actually spend most of our time around the stalls and vendors of that kind.
Talking to a potter at length about clay,


talking and learning about herbs and teas to a lady selling the most delicious Lammas liqour (and sweets for the husband)...

Hubby tried his hands at tin pouring and made his own Thor's hammer pendant.


Though his craftiness was nothing compared to these gentlemen:


Or even these ;-)


One of my personal favourites:


And then there was music.
Especially Valravn, a band I had already seen at Castlefest 2008, when it started to pour down as soon as their set kicked off.
This time we had - yes, of course - one very brief splash of rather welcome rain and other than this they kicked the proverbial rear end and we kicked dust:


I haven't felt so alive in weeks!
We bumped into two friends and their daughter we hadn't seen in ages, we feasted on roasted champignons and potatoes and fresh fruit, we went on an almost impossible quest for coffee (water, yes, beer, yes, coffee...difficult) and we learned the fine art of torture.


And tomorrow it's back into the dungeons...with a head and heart full of music :-)

Statt upp og dansa!

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