27 August 2009

Honey, I'm home!

Back after two weeks in Edinburgh, back from two weeks of clouds with rain and sun.
Back from two weeks of tea and peas

I'll never eat peas

Back from two weeks of being on the Edge of the Fringe:

Amanda Palmer at HMV Picture House
(Amanda Palmer at HMV Picture House, during her entree. Shot in darkness and with no flash. Sums up the experience nicely :-))


(Group of musicians at Grassmarket. We liked them!)


(Ensemble of Doctor Faustus)


(Female half with Lilly, from the Lilly through the dark ensemble. It's a story about a little girl loosing her beloved father and trying to bring him back from death. When the last words were spoken I wasn't the only one in the audience crying. It's breathtaking and stunningly wonderful.)

Two weeks of books

Neil Gaiman

(Neil Gaiman at one of two events he held at the Book Festival. I'm a fan girl...)

And two weeks of inspirations




I bought yarn (and hell, did I buy yarn) and knitted up a storm.
I bought beads and within 15 minutes I had a new necklace.
I ventured through many charity shops.
I got interviewed by the Edinburgh City Council.
I bought far too many books and had to re-pack our luggage to distribute them evenly.
I discovered a bookshop called Elvis Shakespeare and had the idea of opening a shop next to it called William Presley :-)
Had fudge and macroons. Partial on the first, in love with the latter :-)
Can't see peas or sweetcorn for the rest of the year or I scream ;-)
Had to leave a very broken pair of Doc Martens in Edinburgh after the sole and half of the shoe ripped open on the last day :-(

Had fun!

In fact, got so inspire and relaxed that I went and got my hair cut and coloured a vivid magenta today. On my way to a Delirium inspired punkish flapper do :-)

And now - believe it or not - back to tea and knitting. I only have to face the grinding mill on Monday, so I kick back with music, art, crafts and movies until then. And cuddle two cats to heaven...they were lovingly looked after by my parents, who spent their vacation at our place and had wonderful weather and a ver good time!

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Dein Koenig said...

Neil Gaiman is real cool