15 December 2009

T'is the season!

Finally - it got cold.
Cold enough to wear scarves and scarflettes and shawls and neckwarmers and hats and berets and even mittens!


I'm currently finishing On The Edge of the Fringe, a short-sleeved sweater I started in Edinburgh back in August. Made entirely out of Schoppel's Zauberwolle. Almost done, very colourful and indeed - on the edge ;-)

I'm also almost done with Aestlight, a wonderful shawl. I'm using Fyberspates Scrumptious for it, it looks like a crystal clear winter sky at night.

And then Knitty came out!
I finally found the perfect pattern for my Oeland wool: Four Corners in Tokyo
The yarn I'm going to use is not that varigated, a lot softer, and I might take the pattern and run with it by knitting it in garter stitch completely to give it more oomph.

Quadrat is another favourite and I might have the perfect yarn for it. Only issue - it's not all in one colour. But hey - another reason to take the pattern and run with it. Two-tone might make it look more kimono-like.

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