06 December 2009

Bubble Skirts

I think, they made their first appearance back in the 80s.
I had made myself one, much to the dismay of my dear Mom, who neither liked the fabric I've chosen nor the design. Of course - I liked both!
Back then, I made it out of a T-Shirt fabric with a colourful Paris-esque print (Eiffel tour etc), now it's made out of a wonderful corduroy, embellished with sequins.

I wore it to the office, of course I did.

OOTD 02/12/2009

I love it!
And it's so simple. I can see more of those skirts in my future.


Drinne said...

Love that color - I never though of doing a bubble skirt long - it's very elegant that way really, and a little steampunk.

Nice job!

Myfanwy said...

Love the skirt.

Thought you'd like to know that I've listed your blog.

Pass the word.