24 April 2010

Still around

I haven't had the mind nad patience to sit down and blog for a while.
Work has kept and still is keeping me away from too much for my own liking. There is not much I can do about and will more than likely carry on until the end of this year.

I managed to get very little knitting or spinning done.
I just finished Denture, my slightly more punkish spring-version of the famous Baktus in a lovely purple, finished off with a handspun edge.


Pattern: Baktus
Yarn: Lana Grossa Secondo
Needles: 5,5mm
Border: some handspun yarn and nubs, 5,5mm crochet hook

Next weekend, we will run away. It's a national holiday, but I have to work. I will leave 30 minutes early, we will jump on a train and arrive in London later that night. Saturday will be spent in Camden and possibly some bookstores and drugstores, Sunday we will attend the Folk Against Fascism event. The Oysterband part is the main reason I'm making this trip. We will have to leave the event around 4pm and catch the train back an hour later from St. Pancras.
Monday will see me tired, but hopefully a lot happier.

Yesterday I got my hair coloured, out with the brown and grey and in with orange and dark orange.
I bought a red coat for cooler spring days.
I started watching the new season of Doctor Who and so far I like it. Last week's episode was the weakest so far. It's relaxation time, with hubby, cats and knitting.

I ordered and received a bunch of sock yarns from Fyberspates
Some Sparkle Sock in Rich Rainbow, hopefully enough for a nice cropped top or cardi
Some Dream Sock Fruity for another shawl, because you can never have enough shawls and I have just discovered this lovely pattern on Ravelry: Mitered Kerchief

This collar has captured me as well and I have two wonderful Fyberspates Sparklies that would be just perfect.

Now, I just need the time. I wish I could sneak some knitting in during those endless conference calls, but the open office space doesn't allow this. Argh! No, not even an "oh well..."

I planted herbs on my balcony, some flowers and veggies. So far, all seems to go well, just the tomatoes might not make it.

And now I'm going to do some more knitting. I frogged a jumper I had started a year ago, it was stiff as a 2x4, though knitted on the suggested needle size. I went up one complete size and now it flows just fine. New design and everything - something I really look forward to finish and wear.

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