05 May 2010

London Adventure

We went to London last weekend.
Camden - as crazy crowded as it gets, I love the creativity of the people visiting it. Most of the stuff in the stalls is tourist crap, with the occasional gem thrown in. I prefer second hand and vintage stalls, I always stroll through the various charity shops around London and I usually find interesting items.

I got my first ever fascinator and am in love with it! It works great even with my buzzed hair and I might feel an addiction coming up.


The actual reason we went there was to attend the first Folk against Fascism Village Fete at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London.
And that event turned out to be more fun than we bargained for!

Not only did I meet a fellow pagan knitter, also dressed in a waistcoat with buttons on - just what I was wearing, we found out that we like the same stuff, read Terry Pratchett, listen to similar music and really enjoyed our conversation - I got to meet two members of my favourite folk band. Ian Telfer, violin player of the Oysterband, still in a cast after his rock'n'roll accident and John Jones, singer of the same band, whom I got to thank for explanations he had previously provided to me on MySpace (yes, I know, it's evil, but great if you are a music lover. So sue me ;-)
I also made the bried aquaintance of Jude Abbott and Neil Ferguson, Chumbawamba. We weren't able to attend the concert in the evening, which I would have loved, but we had to leave at the end of the Oyster Ceilidh Band action - with a wave good-bye from John.
Me: one very starstruck girl!

Oyster Ceilidh Band

I'm looking forward to the concert in Hamburg in June! And I have to work on that star...let's see if I can pull it off.

No yarn shopping this time, through I seriously have to visit Loop next time I'm there! I did get some good knitting in, also thanks to my new knitting friend Tracey. She was working on squares for a blanket, I had my Cherry Tree Lane shawl with me and made it to the grey area. Still, I need more yarn to finish this thing, but it's getting lovelier and lovelier, even if I say so myself.

I've also started working on a semi-circle shawl out my handspun Vixen (now all spun up and wound into a ball):

SIP - Spinning in Progress and two new fountain pens

and a simple triangular shawl out of two balls of Sparkle Sock, one purple and one is called Naughty Girl and together they look like Northern Lights or those images from nebulae you see on astronomy sides.
Looking forward to finish them both :-) I finally feel some inspiration again!

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aafke7 said...

Nice feathers! :) Thank you for visiting my blog. It is a big relieve the one-sock-effect is everywhere!
Love your clouds, dreams and blog motto.