29 August 2010


So, I'm officially 40 now.
Doesn't feel different than 39 so far ;-) And as long as no one expects me to grow up I'm fine with that.

I don't really know if it related to this magical number (why is 40 so special? 18 was special, 21 was special, but 40?), but quite a few things have changed and are changing in my life.

I quit my job after seven years.

I will start a new job in a completely different environment. Until the contract is actually signed I will keep quiet about what it is and why I love it already ;-)

We celebrated the day itself by answering phone calls from all my loved ones!
We had a double appointment at my (or is it "our" now?) hair dresser for cut&colour for two (nothing wrong with a man colouring his hair!).
Before that we had coffee and cake (lime pie for him, nut cake for her) at the best cake and cookie place I know of: Koekela
You have to have cake on your birthday - and 11:30 am is a perfect time for that.
We also got an assortiment of brownies to go and share with the family.
We had a linner (too late for lunch, too early for dinner) at our favourite joint Kiem Foei

I got myself my first ever tattoo:
First Tattoo - Day 2

A Pictish crescent and v-rod as inspiration, design by yours truly.
I have a thing for many things Celtic, Pictish, Scottish, Viking, Saxon...and neolithic. I get bored with Roman and Greek, I love Mesopotamian finds, Egypt is so-so - but anything early medieaval or earlier, especially Northern Europe, makes my heart beat faster.
After having seen Pictish Stones in Edinburgh
Pictish Stone in Edinburgh and finds from Skara Brae Neolithic findings
I knew that my first ever tattoo would be something like this. Celtic spirals have been done to death and it's challenging up to difficult to find something unique.
I wanted clear lines, no shading - one of the things I like about these old designs is the simplicity.

I'm planning the next designs already. Small symbols to add to my crescent and a piece on my upper arm. I see more spirals in my future ;-)

I finished Raspberry Latte:
Raspberry Latte
Yarn: handspun on a top whorle drop spindle

Pattern Storm Cloud Shawlette on Ravelry

Needles: 8mm

I really like the pattern, it's easy to follow and due to the semi-circle it produces the ways of wearing it are endless. Here I'm wearing it like I would wear it underneath a coat.

I have crocheted a centipede:

That was fun! And it's gigantic and lives around my neck sometimes!

And I treated myself to more yarn:
2 hanks of supersoft and cuddly Royal Alpaca in curry They will become an Oscilloscope Shawl
3 balls of Mochi Plus They will become a modified version of Knitty's Tychus

Since I resigned, I find myself more inspired - I have my lust for knitting, reading and cooking back. And I'm actually getting stuff finished and done - even more long overdue Merino tunica is all oversudden growing and loved again.

40 - not bad at all.

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WyzWmn© said...

Congrats on the big 40! albeit late...

and Congrats in the beginning of a new chapter in your life...

annnnndd...super Congrats on the new tattoo! I love it...is it on your back?