01 August 2010

Still here...sometimes

I'm still spending far too much time working and too little time reading or knitting.

Though I managed to break in my hairpin lace loom and create a frilly colourful scarf out of a single ball I had floating around here. Pictures to follow. I call it Centipede...for obvious reasons ;-)

I have also managed to transform some pencil roving and merino batts into a ball of single-ply to knit a Kink

I started reading Emma Bull's "War for the Oaks" and am totally enthralled!
My train travel lecture is "And another think" by Eoin Colfer - for all you Douglas Adams fans out there, it's a great follow-up. Too little tea, though ;-)

I managed to get my hair cut and coloured and feel human again.


I managed to see my family to celebrate my Mom's 65th birthday! That was a great and hot and fun weekend!

I managed to find this little gem and get all dreamy and wanting....the colours are just wonderful!

For someone, who won't have any vacation this year this is a dream. I'd like to grab one of these above and go visit the Goblin Market, the Wall Market, the Floating Market and get inspiration.
Travelling by starlight, eating exotic food, reading scripts in ancient glyphs....

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