25 September 2010


It clearly is autumn!
The leaves have started to change into colour combination that are too wonderful to describe! The knitter in me wishes those colours would suit me, but alas, they don't. I still marvel at the work of Mother Nature :-)

It's autumn

The kitchen is almost done! I need one shelf for above the nuclear foodwarmer for my coffee and tea, but the wall paper is up and it really brightens the room up.
My kitchen is 5m long, but only 1,80m wide...


And some more impressions of our abode:

A very comfortable sofa! We also like to sleep on it, we both fit perfectly!


Books everywhere:

Living Room 1

My little sister made the game board, it was her wedding present to us. It comes with matching ghosts... :-)
Also featured: my hippo collection and a glimpse of my stash ;-)

Living Room 3

There is knitting everywhere in this house, even the Tontu are busy...


They get more knitting done than I have lately...too busy. Hardly a day where I'm home before 10:30pm. I cherish weekends...

Today is meeting up with sister and brother-in-law for a shopping spree in our local mall and a Spaghetti feast. Tomorrow is "do nothing or as little as possible day".
Monday I have a meeting with the boss, the supervisor, the project lead and a colleague...Tuesday I have to work on a secondary and personal project...more fun, but this time good fun.

There may be time for knitting somewhere, I just have to find it!

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