07 January 2011

More on my plate

Like I don't have enough challenges ;-)
I decided to add three more to my list:

- I joined the 11 shawls in 2011 challenge on Ravelry

- I also joined, also on Ravelry a little Guild war in the Ankh-Morpork group. I'm a member of the Guild of Ecdysiasts, Nautchers, Cancanieres and Exponents of Exotic Dance. Go look that one up. And read Terry Pratchett, because it's worth it. As a former belly dancer, musical performer and overall music and dance nut this was the logical guild to join. Well, Feegles weren't allowed in ;-)

- And to top it all of I decided that I would not buy new sweaters, blouses, tanks or other upper-outerwear in 2011. I will use what I have and make what I want extra. Underwear is an exception, but other than this - upcycle, remake, make, create and be creative. I have plenty of yarn, a sewing machine, some fabric and lots of patterns. So...make use of it.

While on the subject of creativity:

This is Emma. And me. In action. I look somehow guilty. Which I'm not.

Emma and me

This is what became of my first ever wheel-spun yarn.

Sparkly New Year

Pattern: Josephinentuch
Yarn: silver: Sirio, the varigated one is my wheel-spun Antique Burlesque
Needles: 9mm

Nice and soft and warm, perfect for the cold shoulder.

I managed to get a little mirror for our little toilet and it's hanging nicely.
I also managed to get a little cupboard for our kitchen, but it still needs some TLC. I have stripped off the unlovingly applied white paint it had been covered in. The wood underneath is rather scratched, so leaving it natural is not a pretty option. So it will be sanded, primed and painted petrol. But that is for better weather (as it will take place outside) - it's so wet and damp out there that the fishes are taking a stroll down the road.

That is the first process on my 2011 resolution list! Yay me!

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Catherine said...

Your pretty coloured home spun shawl is beautiful, even from a photo I can tell it is light and downy. Good luck with your up cycling it is a great idea

xx c