28 May 2011

Having fun!

Time flies!
Especially when you are having fun.

Things have calmed down significantly around here and that makes me happy!

We've been to concerts of the Fish-y kind. Second time only that I saw this big man perform and second time I've been utterly impressed.

To give you a little impression:

I was one of the ballet dancers in the audience and with me many more! The man has an aura and presence on stage that cannot be described and can tell stories that I would live to listen to for hours. To me, this man belongs on a theatre stage!

Little city trips happened:

We also went to see my family back in Germany for a couple of days, which was nice and relaxing. The weather was extraordinarily nice and we would be sitting outside, barbequeing, talking, watching bats.

Talking about bats...eh batts :-)

More carding happened:

Autumn Sky

Frustration turns to creativity

which I spun wild and plied with two orange threads into this:

Hold on, it's gonna get wild

I have carded two other batts that I haven't photographed yet, but which turned out wonderful! You have to take my word for it right now as the light is bad (it's overcast) and I won't be jumping up and taking pictures for you right now. Patience, my tinsel angels :-)

July will see me taking a workshop with...wait for it...



Sorry, knit nerd speaking.

Some knitting happend, but it's work in progress right now. Summer tops. Which I don't need right now, seeing the south-western storm and clouded skies.

More tattooing will happen end of June! That also makes me happy. Again my own design, again inspired by Neolithic and Viking art work. Simple, but that's what I like. I'm too colourful and wild to carry colourful and wild with me all the time.

More concerts will be happening - I got Tori Amos tickets for the hubby and me and in the same month (and actually the same place), we will also enjoy Christy Moore in Amsterdam! The music lover in me is excited!

Another thing makes me happy: after years of not being in the water I took up my favourite sport again! I almost forgot how happy swimming makes me.
The first time I went, a couple of weeks ago, I was near exhaustion after a mere 7 laps of 25 meters each. Which took half an hour. Out of shape, me? What makes you think so ;-)
The next time I swam 20 laps in an hour. And now I've stopped counting laps and just enjoy my 1+ hours of swimming up and down, together with my friend.
I can feel the difference. Not weight-wise, but the way I sit, the way my shoulders feel. I like the way it feels and we have a regular date, twice a week, for some paddling in the water. Who would have thought that?

Just the chlorine wrecks havoc with my skin and hair, but I usually soak myself in lotion and conditioner (on my short hair, imagine that! And can we talk about colour-fade? I mean - seriously! This is bad!) afterwards.

So, yeah, this is what I have been up to!

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WyzWmn© said...

you need one of them flowery swim caps!

srsly - you can pull it off!