16 December 2011

Dyeing: Dye-a-long Midwinter (microwave dyeing)

The Dutch Dyers are having a December DAL and this is what I did.
The subject is Midwinter, the colours allowed are green and red and the tool is a microwave.

- sockyarn (wool/nylon)
- SEWO colours green and a mix out of carmine and red
- vinegar
- microwave dish

Soaked the yarn in a mix of water and vinegar in the microwave dish. Left it in there.

DAL Midwinter 3

Mixed the colours with hot water. The cup for green is half-filled, the red one is full.

Pour the mix over the yarn in the water, green in one corner, red in the other.

DAL Midwinter 4

Off into the microwave. 2 minutes on highest setting to start with.
Got it out and mixed the colour-water a bit. The top was well soaking up the dye, the sides and bottom weren't.
Back into the microwave for 2x4 minutes with a 3 minute break.
Water was clear now.

This is how it looks now:

DAL Midwinter 6

Some interesting stuff going on here:

- where did the blue come from? It's not that visible in the picture, but in person there is a blue visible.
- it varies from bright to subtle, the yarn on the surface is a lot brigher/saturated than the yarn at the side or bottom of the dish.

It has to cool down now and then go through a rinse/wash and dry. Which might take days given the weather ;-)

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