11 February 2012

Dyeing: tie-dyeing yarn

I used the following ingredients for this little dye-along:

1 hank 100%wool
tied with cotton thread
soaked in water and a large amount of vinegar

In the pot

Mixed two colours:
purple out of burgundy and turquoise
green out of cobalt blue and lemon yellow

Mixed dyes

Off into the pot!

Off we go

The blue won! No green to be found, only a small amount of purple and very little colour-splitting. This is due to the fact that I used quite a large amount of vinegar. The less you use the higher the chance that you get some interesting colour-splitting.

But tie-dyed for sure!

No green!

I will repeat this experiment with
- less vinegar
- two tones of purple, one mixed out of cobalt and pink and one mixed out of blue and red.

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