05 February 2012

Knitting: Baby, it's cold outside

We are currently having the coldest winter since 1997!
At least that's what the statistics say.

Well, I don't care what they say, it surely is balmy out there!
Not much snow, though.

February 2012

It makes for wonderful walks!

This hat got many compliments. Which sometimes leaves me puzzled. I mean, it's very unusual, very colourful and rather crazy and that usually doesn't get appreciated.
For any strange reason people love this little jewel on my head:

February 2012

Beginning of February was the start to the second Guild War in Ankh-Morpork.
Just like last year I am a member of the Guild of Ecdysiasts, Nautchers, Cancanieres and Exponents of Exotic Dance. Quite a moutful, isn't it?

Our motto is: NVNQVAM VESTIMVS - we never clothe

And of course our first challenge is WINTER WEAR... Hey, Patrician, I think you got something twisted there...

In any case, not to get into too much trouble - well, at least not into more than usual I decided to go with the flow and put my best needle and yarn forward.

Simultaneously to the Guild War a wonderful KAL started - cowls! I love cowls!

So I combined both gigs and this was born:

KAL - Glitter Fluries

Entirely made out of my own hand spun yarn! It has been worn already and is super lovely!

The pattern has been provided for free and you have to complete it in time to be eligible for the next. Despite errors in the first two versions of the pattern I managed to finish with plenty of time to spare and get to knit other things until the next cowl becomes available :-)
Right now I'm working on finishing a bulky little waistcoat for me and another cowl out of some more hand spun. Quick knits on big needles.

And there is yarn dyeing on the stove :-)
Spring colours, some red and yellow. Though I doubt we will see tulips soon...

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