13 October 2012

Knitting: a crazy mystery KAL and a pattern

The last two weeks I got to enjoy some time off from a busy day job.
The husband and I got to sleep in, meet friends and new tiny friends (my best friend gave birth to her wonderful tiny little daughter), swim, go to markets and generally having a good time.

I had some time to work on some bigger projects and so I joined this wonderful mystery knit along initiated by Lee Meredith of Leethal Knits

I like her unusual and colourful style and I have a very soft spot for shawls, so with one week into the KAL I decided to join in.

The pattern is great - there is no gauge swatch required, it can be knit in various yarn sizes and comes in three sizes, you decide.

I got me some Grignasco Sport and spun a single as my contrasting colour, bought the pattern and went to work.

I won't spoil anything, so only a small piece of teaser for you here:

KAL in progress

It's going to be warm and cozy and snuggly and I will make a second one in fingering weight.

But that has to wait, I'm currently working on two patterns myself, a neckwarmer and a scarf.

I don't have any picture of the scarf, a cabled affair in fingering weight (I like to torture myself with small-weight yarns, you know. I have a lace weight for a sweater around...), but I have a sneak preview of the neckwarmer:

Fenberȝe in progress

I'm far from done - well, the piece in the photo is almost done, but there will be at least one other version of it. Possibly two.

The scarf pattern will take a while longer to finishe ;-)

One of the reasons is that I really would love to spin this:

Trick or Treat

It's going to be for another version of the junction shawl. I'm still contemplating the main colour, so if you have any idea please feel free to share.

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