12 October 2012

Update on life and tea and knitting :-)

Where did all the time go?

I think I need a Tardis!

Well, it's been a busy summer. Or whatever you want to call what happened between the spring showers and the autumn storms. I really didn't get to wear my cotton tops much, which didn't stop me from teaming them up with a cardigan and wearing them anyway :-)

Now, let's see.

Water Sprite became a crazy little hat named Morgen:

Morgen Hat

Morgen is a mythological creature, a water spirit that drowns men.
It has been worn already on a stormy Friday and the ties came in very handy :-)

You know that I design the occasional pattern, right?
As part of the still ongoing Guild War over in Ankh-Mopork I knitted another Sliding Tracks

Sliding Tracks

A third one has been knit, too, but I still have to take pictures. It's slightly different, with eyelet sections and a very simple lace border. I like simple ;-)

My granny shawl also got finished:

Granny Shawl

I got my first custom order for a hand dyed yarn and am delighted to work with this customer.
She got asked for and got a wonderful burgundy shaded yarn:

Cranberry Delight (2)

During summer my camera broke and - oh the horror of choosing a new one!
I mean - there are so many to choose from, what is a good one, what meets my needs and is in my budget...
Two weeks ago I finally got myself a new little picture taking friend, an updated model of the last camera I used and I'm trying it out now.

I have more to tell and show, but will do that later.
There is tea to drink, rows to knit and groceries to do.
More later!

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