24 August 2008

Make Up 2003

We continued our cleaning project and this time Wouter re-discovered one of my old CDs - with pictures from a photoshoot back in 2003.

An art student looked for a plus size model for a light/shadow study.
I never had a make up artist take care of me and honestly - make up never looked so good on me.
And I felt good!

Lipstick is still not my favourite, I prefer my lip creams and balms, but I adore what has been done to my eyes. I wish I could repeat it...

One thing I'm addicted to is scent! Both oils as well as Eau de Perfume, with a tendency for dark and warm undertones. I have quite a collection and I mix and match daily.

Other than this:
my old PC, Alfons, died on Friday. Long live Matilda! Even though she runs Vista and we are not friends yet I'm getting the hang of this OS. If this is userfriendly then I'd like to see unfriendly!

My Ravelompics project is done! Now I will finish my other desk project, my travel projects and start Fanilla with the Arauncia Cotton I got.

Two weeks until vacation. I still witness drive by management, or management by accident and I go along with it. And if I don't make it I don't make it. Bad or absent management is not my problem.

My birthday was nice and quiet, just the way I like it! My family called, and that was the most important part for me. Wouter and I went for dinner, I got a really wonderful travel fountain pen set and two books from him! And a Scottish rubber duck ;-)

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