03 August 2008

Dancing the rain away at Castlefest

Yesterday we ventured of to Lisse, to the annual and our first ever Castlefest.
The weather started promising, but we packed the rain gear anyway.

Great fun! Seriously great fun!
The Scottish settlement:

Ladies on stilts:

A lots of stalls and booths to visit! We only bought little, like Omnia's latest CD Alive and their DVD Pagan Folk Lore.

The Wickerman - later drenched in rain:

We have met this troll now for the second time and I swear - the third time we are going to take him home!

We listened to Irfan. I love their music - if you like Dead Can Dance I'm sure you will love Irfan. I'm always curious to hear if bands can actually perform - and yes, Irfan can! Dancing in the dust.

We ventured some more and I got some new flag poi! They are shorter than my first set and I can see the improvement already!

We got garlic bread with toppings and licked our fingers.
We got medieaval cookies for dessert.
We met two old friends and a fellow LARPer
And then it started to rain. Seriously! So we got the rain gear out - the husband in yellow and yours truly in red. And on we ventured.
Came across Giftig's booth - YARN! I couldn't resist, of course I couldn't resist! Three hanks of lovely dyed 4 play in purple and pink is now mine and will become a shawl. I paid for my purchase already when my husband exclaimed "You need this!" and held up a green felt hat. "It's a Pixie hat, you are a Pixie, so you need this." I tried it on and liked it! So I got it.
I was asked by the lovely creator to put it on, so she could say good-bye to it. Who am I to not do this!
And the next I heard was "You are a strawberry!" That's what you are - you look like a strawberry!"
The whole booth and various customers started laughing. Loud!

We walked on, back to the main stage, to listen to Valravn. It was still either pouring down or drizzling. But never dry. We got some lovely apple juice and water while some technical problems were fixed.

And then we danced. And danced some more.

She is GREAT! And I love the dress! Bonzie, it reminded me of some of your creations - your shrugs! Not sure if you can see the underside of the dress, but it's striped in white and blue!

And the strawberry danced in a rain cape with a felt hat and sandals. You can't see the sandals, though:

When we had enough of the rain and wet feet we made our way back home! But not without getting into a conversation with a fellow traveller on the train about knitting.

I had my Sassa Lynne shawl (Who Knits?) with me - it's light and I know the pattern by heart. The compliment regarding the wonderful yarn belongs to Sassa Lynne!


NuvoFelt said...

I love your pixie hat. And thanks so much for the compliment about the Sassa Lynne yarn.

designs by bonzie said...

How cool that you saw my style in such a cool outfit! I have to agree, that neckline looks very cool!!!
I would love to see the pinstripe upclose but basically I think You were bang on the buck when you said I would find it to my liking! I do for sure. :)
ps the fest look like a lot of fun, we don't have those hear! ;(