27 August 2008

Dark as the night - Astrodome, Northern Lights and Fallen Angel

Some days can't go wrong...
Had the day off and had an appointment at the dentist. While this is not something to look forward to it turned into a great trip - when we met Miran and the kids on the way! And with the same destination, well, almost, theirs was across the street from our dentist.
And as luck would have it we were all finished at the same time (no holes, yeah!) and while waiting for the bus we caught up on a lot of stuff.
They headed home, Wout headed into the office and I had another appointment at my favourite hairdresser, to be followed by a shopping trip to get new jeans.
Both were successful - though not visible in this picture.

After all was said and done I returned home, enjoying the peace and quiet, the cats, some music and the knitting needles:

Astromony, a star!
Hat: Urchin (Knitty pattern by Ysolda)
Yarn: Fyberspates Cutie in Indigo, one hank (100m)
Needles: 9mm

It's huge, it's soft and it's really warm. I love it!

Neckscarf: Northern Lights, previously finished and matching nicely

Brooch: Peri mischievous fallen angel, design by Brenda Temple

The pattern is very well written and error-free and the yarn is simply yummy! I have one hank left, this will be incorporated into the Blue Monday sweater I'm designing. Freeform knitting, no pattern, simply following the yarn and my mind.

Oh, and I had the best coffee today...a Latte Mokka. Just what I needed - and I can find the way back. Sorry, I'm a coffee fetishist ;-)
Tea is for the quiet and relaxed afternoons and evenings, coffee is for getting started and going...

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designs by bonzie said...

Leanan, you lucky duck, I hope you really enjoy your trip. :)
sounds great, keep an eye out for nice things to report back to us blog lovers . xxx
safe journey.