08 April 2009

FO: Because I can

My latest finished piece of knitting, together with another piece I finished a couple of weeks ago and love to bits and pieces :-)

My version of the Button Bedecked Headband
Yes, I know that I don't have long hair and don't NEED a headband.
But I WANT a headband. Because I can!

Pattern: Bebuttoned Headband
Hook: 3,5mm
Yarn: leftover Sassalynne Perle Medium Cotton, leftover Catania in purple and some silver cotton-metallic thread.
Buttons: some mother of pearl buttons with some other buttons I had roaming around

Plus Ishbel in that yummy Fyberspates Sock yarn I love so much

Worn for a Celtic Folk Concert on the day of completion. Actually - the headband was purposefully made for the event.

1 comment:

Sophia Rose said...

I like it! My mom crochts and knits. I never could get the hang of it! Looks great!