20 April 2009

Sneaking out

Did some sneaking out last weekend.
It was well needed.
Preparations started Thursday afternoon, when I went to see Jerry and Kim for a good cut and colour and a wonderful chat with Kim. The result is lovely:

Friday we climbed into the train bringing me back to my home town. We settled in and called it a night.

Saturday we went out.
We went to visit one of my favourite places with the most fantastic and friendly staff (Hi Chef!). New shoes for the husband and new laces for the lady ;-)

I drank art:

Went to a concert at my old and well loved former living room, a youth club called Haus Spilles. I used to volunteer up to three nights a week for about 10 years, until I moved here, actually. I left in style - by cooking up a storm on a Friday night and make many visitors and crew mates very happy.
Oh, of those walls could take, especially the one behind the bar, right next to the door to the tiny kitchen or the outside wall in the garden, where the little pond used to be...dirty little memories full of fun, laughter and drama. I was home there.

Went primarily to see and hear a band called Emerald Edge. The singer is not only surprisingly good (hell, the whole band is), he is also an ex. But a good ex. We haven't seen each other for roughly 20 years and it was simply good to see him and exchange some words. I left with a heart full of joy and two beer in my body. My usual brew, which tastes best at Haus Spilles ;-)

Was asked an interesting question - is it better here than back in Germany? This took me by surprise, in 10 years it's the first time I got this question and it took me a while to find the answer:
No, it is not better, but sometimes you have to leave to be able to come back.
I like it here, but I am and will always be a German. It was good and necessary for me to leave to give wounds time to heal and scar, now I can go back without dread, it hurts a lot less.

Thanks Christian!

Horrible picture, but actually good music:

Once their new CD is out I want to get my hands on it.

Got news also on Saturday that yes, we will go to see Dream Theater, Opeth and two other bands in October. With two of my best friends. Now I have to get the day after off somehow. Falling asleep under the desk is probably not an option.

One of above mentioned friends also got a wonderful DVD for his birthday - Pain of Salvation "Ending Themes". Not only were we at the concert the second DVD was filmed, it was also filmed by friends of us! I remember that one of the cameras was behind us, but I doubt that a freaking out Anko and I are featured. Though us during Disco Queen would have been worth a shot or two ;-)
But yeah - need to see, need to see. BE is one of my favourite CDs and was first listened to in the car to a role playing event in Belgium and that introduced me to PoS.

Need to get a day in June off as well - I want to take another friend and fellow knitter up on her offer and join her at a fair. I might give a workshop, I might just help and nose around ;-)

We arrived back on Sunday and I had a message waiting from my sister to call her. Which I did - because I'm a good older sister and she had our parents visiting her and we needed to exchange the latest news and compare notes on recent developments. Same old, same old. Dad's active, Mom is the show stopper. It seems that the week passed with no political discussions/monologes, which is not only unusual, but also a lot more relaxing. I tend to take most of my parent's activities with a shaker of salt, so I'll wait and see what words will become actions.

Continued knitting the Josephinentuch and it's growing nicely. The weather has been good enough to leave the raincoat at home and just wear a shawl in the mornings.

I had the glorious idea to try my hands at spinning my own yarn and then DYE it. Naturally.
Lots of sheep (aka yarn on the hoof) here in the lowlands, why is it so difficult to get local rovings and batts? What happens to the fleece?
Need to do lots of research...

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