20 June 2009

At the end of another week

Got my new glasses. And it's amazing to see clear again, I always realize after getting new glasses how crappy my eyesight was with the old ones:


Fell in love with this hair. It's an ad for a postal service, but I adore this lady:
Ad for a postal service

And I got an email with this picture attached to it. Taken in Leiden, spinning in public as knitting didn't appeal to me that day.
It's also published on the website of a friend and shopowner. She is fun and the Oland wool is to die for. I got the Sky Pink one (so subtle and perfect for lace knitting,though I will knit up mitered squares and make a sweater) and keep on oogling the dark purple one.
My husband will get a funny winter head out of Rainbow (Regenboog) and another, thicker one out of troll wool in red.

Kerstin aan het spinnen

The shawl next to me was knitted out of the blue-yellow-pink Oland yarn and reminds me of Kauni. The sweater in the background is Sky Pink as far as I remember.

And last, but not least:
I finally managed to watch Dark Labyrinth last night.
Yes, it took me until yesterday to see this epic piece of art and cult status and I absolutely fell in love with the Podlings. My kind of beings!

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