07 June 2009


This arrived yesterday afternoon:

Very inspiring, all of it.

Currently working on this, while listening to Audiobooks and drinking coffee.
Will interrupt for lunch preparation (spinach, hashbrowns and salmon)

WIP - A shawl

That is one of the projects currently on my needles, I refer to it as "my desk project".
I also have "a train project", a crocheted cotton edging I'm going to use for a blouse that is too small.

I have no idea what all the stuff is I'm incorporating, apart from the orange-brown-golden wool - that is Coffee, my handspun. There is some cottone boucle involved, some acrylic novelties, some more cotton...and chances are that some silk might be worked into this thing as well.

It's going to be a shawl for those lovely summer evenings I'm desperately waiting for.

I also coloured my hair a somewhat aubergine violet sort of colour, which delighted the husband and stained a washcloth ;-)
It's better than the grown out pattern mess I had on my head, but I'm considering a more natural red...if only henna would cover my greys better...

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