19 September 2009

Can't stop loving

it's love, all the way since 1992, when I heard Crucify for the first time on radio.
"Got enough guilt to start my own religion"
Then came "Winter" and "Precious Things" and there was no stopping me. I was hooked.
She lived my life in more than one way and when I didn't have words she had the songs.
Still, it took my many years to finally see Tori Amos perform live.

And on Friday I got to see her again! And my dear hubby joined me, his first ever Tori concert. Let me tell you, her magic worked on him, too ;-)

She surprised me with "Bells for her", but "Strong Black Vine", "Space Dog" and "Big Wheels" just kicked me off my seat. Especially "Big Wheels", which was eclectic, to say the least ;-)

Raspberry Swirl would have made my day, but that's just egoistic little me ;-)

The only negative I can mention is that there were too many bubbleheads talking all the time and some very restless people getting up to buy beer. I would have wished that Tori would have told them off :-p

We spent Saturday in Amsterdam, enjoying the city off the beaten tracks, had a fantastic coffee in a small show, walked in sunshine, raided Lush (what do you mean, there will be a vanilla soap with coffee undertones coming out?), petted a kitten and just had a great time.
The trip back was rudely interrupted by the usual (aka almost daily national event) of an accident on the train tracks (I kid you not, almost daily. Mainly cars ignoring any warnings, thinking "I can just make it"...NOT). So we got off in The Hague and went for food and more window shopping.

I'm still full of wonderful music :-)

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