13 September 2009

Knitting: Amethyst

Cast on 70 stitches on 8mm needles
Knit two rows of k2, p2
Switched to plain stockinette.
One ball was appr. 20cm worth
I knitted up until I had about half a ball left, ended with two rows of K2, p2 and cast off.
Closed the sleeves and added a k2, p2 border around it.
Wore it to the office as seen in the pictures and got compliments! I love knitting!

And I swear that thing is straight ;-)
And yes, I'm wearing two different earrings.
And yes, that is my necklace collection there in the back. At least the vast majority of it. 2/3 is selfmade.
A girl has to have hobbies ;-)



Still to finish: On the edge of the fringe, a mad jumper out of Zauberwolle on 3,25mm needles (what was I thinking?) and Josephinentuch.

Already in love with: Riverbanks and Bel
I find myself liking quite of few designs of the autumn edition.

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