26 September 2009

Things that made me happy this week

Amongst others:

- Reading I'm with the Band.
I see parts of myself in there, only about 20 years later. I wasn't a groupie, but a musician's girlfriend. And I am a fan of many of the artists Pamela met ;-)
- Tori Amos' version of Strange little Girl.
I always loved this song, but Tori's version just reaches me one touch deeper than the Stranglers. Though I like their video better ;-)
- BPAL making 12 AFP related scents.
F* yes!
- BBC 4's program on Friday night about 60s rock music, followed by The Doors.
That doesn't need any futher explanation, does it? It's especially nice when you are reading a book about exactly those people at the same time... How I wish I could have been there!
- my cats!
Cats are important and always right!
- the carrot balsamico dish I prepared - yummy!
It's so simple (carrots and balsamico vinegar, plus some parsley, mint, pepper and a little sugar) and my favourite.
- knitting.
I find peace in knitting.
- finding a watch I like.
The Fossil Peace watch is right up my alley!
- Birkenstocks!
I have a very hard time finding shoes that fit me due to wide feet. And Birkenstocks have been my living room for feet for more than 15 years.
- tea.
And that from a caffeine addidct. But the coffee in the office is so bad (tar, scraped off the street, grounded and boiled, if you ask me) that I became a tea addict as well. Earl Grey with Lemon...yummy!
- seeing my parents.
It's always good to see how they are doing.
- finding a functioning Agfa camera from 1950 for Euro 10!
I kid you not. Now I need film for that thing!
- my supershort hair
I used to have long hair, but many many moons ago I cut it off and it not only got shorter ever since, it never got longer than 3 inches at most. And I just love it that way. I'm sure you can tell. I don't feel boyish, just slightly androgynous ;-)

Things I'm looking forward to:
- seeing my friend Shaby next week after years!
- concerts! Dream Theatre, Opeth, UnExpected and Big Elf in two weeks and a couple of days later Epica!
- finding books in my letter box. A couple are on the way and I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.

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