05 September 2011

Life: more presents

Before I sit down in the next couple of days to tell you about my recent adventures in the fiber world I have to show you this: My loot from the Viking Fair at Archeon We were extremely lucky with the weather - having started off here during a thunderstorm and heavy rains, arriving about 90 minutes later still in the rain and once we were on location it stopped. And stayed dry for the rest of the day! We even had our picnic outside, on a bench, surrounded by chicken. FOOD

Bronze Age/Neolithic Weaving:
Prehistoric Loom

Medieval Weaving:
Plant dyed fibers and loom
See those yarns in the back? All plant-dyed...sigh...

Medieval Spinning:
Testing the wheel Wheel

And - my loot:
My loot

A replica of a Viking drop spindle, the whorl is made out of glass! And a pair fo Viking ship earrings, which I'm basically attached to by...the ear ;-) I really love them. Many nice conversations in German, Dutch and English were had with Vikings from all over Europe. Naalbinding is still something I have to try, I guess. Saw some very nice items worn by the ladies and gentlemen :-)

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Natalie Zaman said...

Love the chickens <3 And the stuff you make is just so cool :) xxxNat